The best way to learn to control a trail bike | Motorcycles

The best way to learn to control a trail bike | Motorcycles

Control a trail bike It is not always an easy task. These are machines of generous size, of considerable height and, in many cases, of remarkable performance. They are characteristics of their approach traveler and adventurer, but what can they put in certain commitments to some of its users.

To help overcome these challenges, there are several specialized driving schools in this type of frames. This is the case of Enduropark (Valencia), Twin Trail (Barcelona and Madrid), RoadAdventure (Valencia) and MXT Montealegre, also in Madrid and which restarted its activity this September after the forced stop for the pandemic.

The peculiarities of this last driving course off road they are two remarkable. The first one is the central location of its facilities, a magnificent private farm prepared for this activity in the province of Toledo, very close to Ocaña and only 45 minutes from Madrid. With this, it is accessible to motorists from a good part of the country, who will thus be able to receive training in a specific environment and with absolute safety: they are 600 hectares closed with 60 kilometers of slopes.

Secondly, MXT Montealegre has high-level trainers, competition pilots that transfer all their experience and knowledge to the trainees. It is the case of Kiriam Mirabet, young professional enduro rider and one of the Spanish with the greatest international projection in his specialty, and Antonio Gimeno, with a long sporting career and habitual of the Dakar.


Professional pilots act as monitors.

Together with other school monitors, they are in charge of teach three-level courses: initiation, for those who want to learn the basic principles of driving a trail bike; advanced, for those who already have some experience and are looking to go one step further, and adventure, the most complete and demanding, intended for those who intend to face a trip or route off the asphalt with greater difficulties.

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The MXT Montealegre activities program consists of several events during the season, all of a day of duration. They include theoretical classes, practical tests on circuit and tracks, in addition to the maintenance during the day with breakfast and lunch on the farm itself. Participants complete the course with his own motorcycle (which allows to discover its possibilities and limits) and the prices are of 230 euros for the basic course and 250 euros for the more advanced.

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