The best ways to release endorphins

Sometimes you wish that everything was more enjoyable or at least that the challenges and problems that arise every day could be cushioned, like when you have a fall and suddenly you end up resting on a soft mattress.

What would you think when knowing that you already have an active mechanism in your body that already does that work for you?

What are endorphins?

Endorphins are peptide hormones whose purpose is to act as stimulants and analgesics as a result of when you feel pain or stress, therefore a reduction of these discomforts and even certain degrees of euphoria is perceived.

Its name of endorphin comes from endogenous, that is, they are produced naturally in your body and from morphine, which refers to an opioid that generates analgesic results.

The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland responsible for the production and regulation of endorphins

The body has a system that produces and regulates the release of endorphins, the parts responsible for their release are the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.

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The hypothalamus is responsible for the production of hormones and is located in the brain, while the pituitary gland receives signals from it to generate and control other hormones.

There are approximately 20 varieties of endorphins of this type. In turn, there are different ways you can do to release these substances and obtain these benefits naturally.

Ways to release endorphins naturally


As obvious as it is, laughing genuinely improves your mood. Alone or in good company, laughing releases not only endorphins, but also modifies your levels of dopamine and serotonin, other hormones associated with well-being.


Practicing cardiovascular or aerobic exercises or using weights in an exercise routine will help you release endorphins.

By raising your pulse and maintaining a medium or intense intensity pace, you will be able to feel the difference in your mood at the end of your training session.


It has been seen that consuming some foods can generate endorphins, due to their components and especially if you consider them tasty. Such is the case with spicy food and cocoa-based chocolate.


Listening to music, playing a musical instrument, dancing or singing helps to generate the release of endorphins.

-Sex Relations

This option is very popular since it works like cardiovascular exercise. However, it is also associated with the release of other hormones such as oxytocin, among others related to feelings of love and attachment.

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By practicing meditation you will be relaxing your body and mind. When you breathe deeply and perceive calm, pain or stress decreases or disappears gradually.

-Alcoholic beverages in moderation

Alcoholic beverages tend to disinhibit and give a feeling of relaxation, consuming one to two drinks can generate the release of endorphins.

In this option, moderation and control is elemental as it is not ideal, in addition to the fact that, if it falls into excess, it is associated with stopping the release of endorphins.


The ultraviolet light that the sun gives you is more than enough to stimulate your body to release beta-endorphins through the skin. Like everything, moderation is the key 20 minutes are enough to sunbathe and to obtain its benefits and at 7 am. at 10.00 am. or after 5.00 pm

To release them!

Now that you know these endorphin triggers, unleash them!

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