the beta contains new hints for the “always-on display”

iPhone 14 Pro

Since the release of the first beta of iOS 16, more advanced users have noticed some references to the “always-on display” feature. The latter is rumored to arrive with the iPhone 14 Pro when the phone is released in September.

But in the latest version of the beta, the fifth put online by Apple, even the wallpapers offered by default betray the ambitions of Apple. Indeed, the information site 9to5Mac found that these wallpapers they call “native” were entitled to another state called “Sleep” by Apple.

An always-on display on the iPhone 14 Pro

In all likelihood, this nomenclature here refers to when the screen will be “sleeping” with a very low refresh rate, but still active. Because this is the particularity of the “always-on display” mode, the phone of the next iPhone 14 Pro should not turn off completely.

As is already the case on several Android devices, the next iPhone could reduce its brightness, but also its refresh rate, while nevertheless displaying the time and the few widgets present on the lock screen. According to some, the update of this screen by Apple during the last WWDC with iOS 16 is direct proof of the arrival of the always-on display on the iPhone.

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The same system as on the Apple Watch

For people who already have an Apple Watch, the arrival of this new feature should remind them of their connected watch. Indeed, Apple could take the example of the small screen on the wrist and reproduce the same system on the iPhone.

According to the latest rumors about the iPhone 14, Apple should offer four new models this year, but only two will be entitled to this screen that never really turns off. The divide should be technologically quite large this year between the “classic” models and the “Pro” versions of the next iPhone 14.

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