The Betis with the least goals in the last 20 years in the First Division

El Betis menos goleado de los últimos 20 años en Primera

Betis has finished the League with a balance of 40 goals conceded in the 38 games played. Rui Silva conceded 21 in the 22 games that the Betis goal defended, while Claudio Bravo He finished with 19 against in 16 games. Some numbers that were not seen in the Benito Villamarin D.It’s been 20 years.

Because to find a Betis with fewer goals in the top flight of Spanish football, you have to go back to the 2001/02 season. That year, Betis was a newly promoted team whose bench was occupied by Juande Ramos. That League, in which the goalkeepers who played were Prats and Gaspercicfinished with a total of 34 goals conceded by a Betis that was sixth, one place lower than this year.

Shield/Flag Betis

Since then, Betis always finished with more than 40 goals against whenever they were in the First Division. In his seasons in the Second Division there is another precedent with fewer goals conceded, specifically that of the 09/10 season, which ended with 38. However, the difficulty of doing so in the highest category is incomparable.

Last season, Pellegrini already managed to make Betis concede 10 goals less than the previous year, although 50 was still too many for the Chilean. Now, the figure has been reduced by ten goals again and Pellegrini already warns of the new challenge if you want to continue growing: “A team that wants to be a champion must drop below 30 goals. We have already dropped below 60, then 40 and hopefully next season we will continue to drop even more.”

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