The big return of face-to-face will be with the iPhone 14 keynote?

Apple Park octobre keynote 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, we have all had to adapt to living differently. If things are starting to return to normal, not everyone has yet found their “taste of before”. Among the things that still remain frozen in a health bubble, Apple’s keynotes serve as a reference for the tech world.

These major meetings were historically an opportunity for the Apple brand to invite a whole panel of journalists to give them a live demonstration of Apple’s latest technologies. This could lead to more complicated demonstrations, such as during the presentation of FaceID.

Apple and the Fear of Failure Live

As a reminder that day, Tim Cook is describing the future iPhone X. Impressive with its notch and lack of Home button, the latter is a turning point in the history of Apple. Unfortunately Cook’s phone, passed from hand to hand during the keynote, asks the big boss of Apple for the unlock code, instead of just his face.

If this demonstration is the symbol of what Apple wants to avoid with live keynotes, it is also these small moments that make a presentation evening natural. If drone transitions are obviously not possible for live events, they are not essentials that the public demands.

A public return to Apple? Nothing less sure

Apple knows it, nothing beats an evening of live presentation, from the Steve Jobs Theater. What could be better then, than the launch of a new iPhone to bring back the historical influx of journalists and other testers? While audiences have already started to return in the last week of WWDC, this particular swap event doesn’t show momentum on its own.

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If Apple is serious about bringing audiences back into its presentations, we’ll find out in September. If, on the other hand, the iPhone 14 presentation keynote is done without an audience, with a pre-recorded video edited from scratch, then we can (unless there is a big surprise) get used to this format, which we will be reviewing in the coming years, at least point that it makes us forget the old one.

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