The Black Friday gift that the DGT asks for motorists | Motorcycles

The Black Friday gift that the DGT asks for motorists | Motorcycles

The black Friday has been installed in Spanish society in a short time and with an unusual roots. A Black friday imported from USA, which opens a purchasing period prior to the Christmas and marked by significant discounts and offers. Even the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) will take advantage of the phenomenon to continue with its recommendation campaign airbag for motorcyclists.

This has been confirmed this week Pere Navarro, Director of the DGT, during his appearance before the Road Safety Commission of the Congress of Deputies. Among the many topics covered in this forum, Navarro announced that at the end of this month will launch a campaign to promote the use of this security element among motorcyclists.

Coinciding with the Black friday 2021, the DGT wants to transmit to family or friends of those who ride a motorcycle the convenience of taking advantage of offers to give them a vest or jacket equipped with inflatable air bag protection against falls. exist different systems and prices, but in no case are they especially accessible to the majority, so any discount it’s welcome.

Models certain quality and guarantees they start around the 300 euros, while the most sophisticated jackets equipped with airbags are around the 1,200 euros, being able to reach the leather suits, in the style of those of competition, to surpass the 2,000 euros. The vests are the more widespread among motorcyclists, having a reasonable price and being somewhat more versatile, since they can wear with different clothes complementary.

Smart Jacket.
Dainese Smart Jacket device diagram.

The DGT is committed to the use of the airbag for motorcycles and study its possible obligation in the future, although the project is currently in a very embryonic phase, as confirmed at the time by the entity itself.

Before reaching this point, you previously want enforce the use of gloves and assess the suitability of jackets with approved protections. The airbag, therefore, it would remain as a later proposal with the objective of improve security of motorcyclists.

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