The BMW K 1600 is updated to continue to plow the roads | Motorcycles

The BMW K 1600 is updated to continue to plow the roads | Motorcycles

As part of the update that the entire German range is receiving, the BMW K 1600 updates its different versions, which already comply with the Euro 5 standard, and improves in several aspects to optimize your route formula.

The most important novelties focus on the engine, a 1.649cc block and six cylinders in line that develops 160 hp, the same as before, but available from a lower rpm; and 180 Nm of maximum torque, which is higher (175 Nm so far).

It now has two knock sensors and two extra lambda probes (for a total of four), allowing it to reduce your polluting emissions, although BMW Motorrad has not disclosed the specific data.

The brand claims that its power delivery is smooth and that, with the torque gain, acceleration is even more consistent. All this improves its character when facing long trips, an aspect that has also been reinforced with the incorporation of the new dynamic engine brake control (MSR) and dynamic electronic suspension ESA.

Special for long trips

This automatically compensates the load, which improves comfort while riding, as well as providing greater safety when facing any type of maneuver.

It also improves the standard equipment in other aspects. Thus, the headlights are Full Adaptive LEDs, the multifunction instrument cluster with 10.25 inch TFT screen It features expanded connectivity with smartphones, has four freely assignable buttons for each pilot to choose their favorite functions and can optionally incorporate a 2.0 audio system.

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BMW K 1600

The range BMW 1600 K It is made up of the GT, GTL, Grand America and B variants; each with a differentiated character and specific customization options, such as colors, suitcases, chrome finishes, windshields, etc.

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