the British government equips itself with 11,000 devices

iPhone SE

The UK recently placed an order for Apple devices with the will to equip one of the country’s largest government departments, called: the one dedicated to the management of workers and pensions.

Thus, these are no less than 11,000 iPhone SE 64 GB of 2020 who will soon equip the employees of this department, at a cost of £ 4,181,628, or approximately 4.8 million euros. This makes a unit cost of roughly 380 pounds sterling, a price reduced by 5% compared to the normal general public price displayed across the Channel.

Particularity of the case, the iPhone SE are delivered accompanied, each one, by a unique tag making it possible to easily identify the machine.

This is not the UK’s first massive order for Apple branded devices. In September 2020, he bought 11,000 iPad to equip many people in financial difficulty in the country. The idea of ​​the operation was to allow these isolated citizens to stay in contact with their loved ones with the help of Apple’s tablet, in the midst of a period of containment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It now seems obvious that a tablet or even a smartphone can be a largely sufficient tool to perform management, production or even communication tasks. A number of years ago, however, many swore by the use of a computer. This is still the case today in some companies or even in certain areas, while the iPad is easier to handle than a computer and sometimes even more practical.

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Apple has also in its last years particularly pushed the iPad to the fore, to make it an efficient working tool, in particular using the Pencil, but also external keyboards including the latest Magic Keyboard with keypad. tactile. Not to mention the arrival of iPadOS differentiating itself from iOS for its features more suited to large tablet screens.

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