The Cadiz dies on the shore

The Cadiz dies on the shore

The Cádiz died on the shore. It is the feeling that remains after the 2-3 with which Athletic has prevailed in Mirandilla. The rojiblancos, who completed the first 45 minutes to frame, they went 0-3 at the break with goals from Raúl García, Muniain and Vesga. The second part, however, was for a Cádiz that went on the attack with everything to make it 2-3 with which the game ended. Lucas and Sobrino scored the local goals.

Athletic, with a distant European goal, wanted to dispel any doubts about their last matches to finish the season in the best possible way. And that’s how the rojiblancos came out, putting in a devilish rhythm and with clear chances as soon as they started. The Williams made the first one, with a good intervention from Ledesma to Nico’s shot. The goalkeeper seemed to give continuity to his great performance at the Camp Nou, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just two minutes later an accumulation of nonsense ended in a visiting goal. First, with a slip by Fede after a heel strike by Iñaki Williams. Later with a song by Ledesma in the back shot by Raúl García that ended inside.

Cadiz Shield/Flag

It was difficult for Cádiz to wake up. The yellows seemed to be still at the Camp Nou and it took them a few minutes to make an appearance. In minute 16, a more than possible penalty was requested in favor of Cádiz. Vivian went all out when Negredo faced Unai Simón and touched him. One of those actions in which if the field referee decrees the maximum penalty, the VAR does not enter, as there is contact. It was not the case. Curiously almost the next move there was a penalty in the other area. This time without any discussion. Espino grabbed Nico Williams when he ran away. Muniain was in charge of launching it and although Ledesma stopped it, the midfielder did not fail in the rebound.

He had to row Cádiz, something that he has not been good at throughout the course. There was a glimpse of it with two approaches that ended in separate headers from Lozano and Negredo and in which Unai Simón appeared to save them. But nothing, the one who struck again was Athletic with a dry and powerful shot from outside the area by Vesga that came close to Ledesma’s left post. Each arrival of Athletic ended in a goal and only an offside by Iñaki Williams in added time prevented a new goal by Raúl García from being added to the scoreboard.

Athletic Shield/Flag

Despite the dance, there was no change in the restart. A lot of pace in the first few minutes with clear chances for both teams. Cádiz needed a quick goal if they wanted to believe in getting something positive and after a triple substitution by Sergio (in the 55th minute), the goal of faith arrived. Lucas, who had been on the pitch for seconds, took advantage of an error by Unai Simón in an easy ball to block, to score. After the goal came the best minutes of Sergio’s men, who closed in on Unai’s goal.

Greater would be the harassment after the expulsion of Vesga. The midfielder received the second yellow card in an action in which, to tell the truth, the teammate who committed the offense was Vivian (who also had a yellow card). The Basque left the field incredulously. The Mirandilla pressed and launched his team on the attack. With everything Cádiz was going to try. A run by Alejo ended in the center that after hitting Negredo with his chest, ended in a goal by Sobrino. 23 and three minutes plus the addition ahead.

An addition that to everyone’s surprise was only five minutes, the time that had practically been lost in Vesga’s expulsion. However, the yellows continued to do their thing. The harassment was absolute with several clear occasions. The yellows caressed the tie with a shot by Fali to the post and a final by Sobrino. One of the two would have put justice on the scoreboard. With this result, the rojiblancos will continue rushing their European options; while the yellows finish the day out of relegation, but they will have to continue in the fight to remain in the First Division. Playing like in the second half would be enough for them.


Alex Petxarroman (45′, From Marcos), Joseph Mari (54′, Carlos Akapo), Lucas Perez (54′, Faith), Fali (54′, Victor Chust), Unai Winner (67′, Dani Garcia), Oier Zarraga (67′, Nico Williams), Ruben Nephew (69′, Lozano), Alex Fernandez (73′, Ruben Alcaraz), Yeray (75′, Raul Garcia), Yuri (80′, Muniain)


0-1, 2′: Raul Garcia0-2, 21′: Muniain0-3, 32′: vesga1-3, 55′: Lucas Perez2-3, 86′: Ruben Nephew


Referee: Valentin Pizarro Gomez
VAR Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez
Lush (8′, yellow) Victor Chust (20′, Yellow) Inigo Martinez (49′, Yellow) Creek (60′, Yellow) vesga (62′, Yellow) daniel vivian (68′, Yellow) vesga (70′, Red) Unai Winner (95′, Yellow


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