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It’s apparently no longer a secret: Apple would force some of its employees to wear a body-worn camera around their chest to monitor their actions. The objective here seems to limit leaks concerning prototypes or products that are not yet announced. We know that the apple brand likes to keep the secret on such devices until the last moment; we should also discover new ones tomorrow.

But according to information just published, the official reason committed by Apple to justify this use – against its promises of confidentiality – would be the fight against the harassment. This echoes the firm’s recent setbacks in this area.

A fallible system?

In reality, everything leads to believe that it is rather a measure to verify that no technician working on a possible next iPhone takes the opportunity to photograph it without the knowledge of its management. But it’s always hard to get to the bottom of it; it suffices to capture the off-camera image to avoid this security. Moreover, the videos recorded by the bodycam are hardly admissible in court.

What Apple would do is simply issue warnings when the user’s movements are suspicious or if a stolen photo includes scenery similar to the one where he is working. Effective ? Impossible to know, because no figures are communicated by the company in this regard.

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Very famous material

The models in which Apple would have invested are cameras of the brand Axonwhich is also found in some law enforcement bodies, in particular to avoid police violence or serve as evidence in the event of an offense.

These sensors are designed by the same company that manufactures Tasers, electric pulse guns also sold to the gendarmerie in France.

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