The Champions League final is also played on the Cuesta de Moyano

Cartel de la charla sobre fútbol y literatura que tendrá lugar el 28 de mayo, en la Feria del Libro de Madrid, a propósito de la final de la Champions.

The Champions League final is also played on the Cuesta de Moyano

The Champions League final will also be experienced very deeply at the Madrid Book Faird. Because if Real Madrid and Liverpool will meet in Paris at night, in the morning (from 12:30 p.m.) on Cuesta de Moyano that final will be breathed. From the hand of Soy de la Cuesta citizen association, in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Madrid City Council which, in booth 22 in Moyano, will organize a gathering with two topics on the table: “What is epic and literary in football? And in books, how much is football?”. His eleven will actually be a quintet, made up of the four guests, Rafa Latorre, Karina Sainz Borgo, Miguel Venegas and Ángel Antonio Herreramoderated by Rubén Amón.

Attendance is freeprior reservation through and can also be followed in full and live through the youtube channel of the Soy de la Cuesta Association. This meeting is part of the #MadridSubelaCuesta action plan that this Association carries out thanks to the support of the City Council’s Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports from Madrid. The plan foresees the celebration of a series of events to attract new and old audiences to the Cuesta de Moyano, thus contributing to the reactivation of its commercial and cultural activityafter the health crisis that began in 2020, and in anticipation of the centenary of its location in C/ Claudio Moyano in 2025.

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