The change everyone’s been waiting for is finally coming to iPhone

iPhone 14 Pro concept

This is nothing new, there have been rumors and gossip about the next iPhone’s camera for several months now. To believe them, the iPhone 14 Pro may well have a 48-megapixel sensor. Which should change us from the 12 megapixels that Apple has accustomed us to so far. In any case, yet another source goes in this direction…

A 48-megapixel main sensor for the iPhone 14 Pro?

With “only” 12 megapixels, the iPhone camera may seem outdated compared to competitors who outbid with 50, 64 or even 128 megapixel sensors and lenses. Still, users rave about the iPhone’s camera, especially when switching to the Pro side.

For the next generation of its iPhones, Apple seems determined to take a step forward with a 48-megapixel main lens on the back of the smartphone. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo himself, who is known for the reliability of his predictions most of the time, has already told us about it. Today, it is the Taiwanese firm TrendForce which confirms this probable position taken by the brand.

Let it be said, going from 12 to 48 megapixels would be a great initiative that would allow you to have photos of even better quality than at present. Better, thanks to him, the iPhone 14 Pro could even shoot videos in 8K. Enough to immortalize the moments that really matter in the most beautiful way.

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Of course, as long as nothing is official, this information must be taken with a grain of salt. But it is clear that all the rumors point in this direction and bring us back to the same point.

For this new photo sensor, the Cupertino company would use the technique pixel binning, which can be translated as “grouping of pixels”. Very roughly, this technique makes it possible to merge the data of several small pixels in order to make a single larger one, a “super-pixel”. Results ? Improved sensitivity in low light, and even prettier photos.

We imagine that by September and the famous keynote, new details will reach us on the future iPhone 14.

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