The chilling connection between Naya Rivera and her former Glee partner Cory Monteith

The chilling connection between Naya Rivera and her former Glee partner Cory Monteith

Naya Rivera, Cory Monteith
Naya Rivera was found dead the same day that Cory Monteith died, seven years ago | Fernando Leon / Getty Images

Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith were two great artists recognized for their work on the Glee series. Both sadly passed away and will be remembered by their fans.

The curious and striking thing is the strange coincidence on the day of his death: the remains of Naya were found in Lake Piru the same day that the death of the actor is commemorated, who lost his life seven years ago.

Rivera died on July 8, 2020, accidentally drowned when she went out to enjoy a day by boat with her four-year-old son, but her body was found this Monday, July 13, the same day that Monteith died.

The actor who portrayed Finn Hudson in the music series was found dead on July 13, 2013 in a room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, Canada. Days later, the autopsy revealed that he died from an alcohol and heroin overdose.

Months later, the series launched a chapter in his honor called “The Quarterback” in which Rivera interpreted in his character from Santana the theme “If I die young”, in which one part sings “plunge me into the river at dawn”, a phrase that today acquires a more dramatic and foreboding tint than what years later would finally happen to him.

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Naya and Cory were not the only ones in the cast of Glee who died. The first was actor Mark Salling who took his own life before facing a 4-7 year prison sentence after being convicted in 2015 of possession of child pornography.

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