The colors of the Apple Watch Series 7 disappoint

Apple Watch Series 7

American media MacRumors, specialist in the Apple issue, has just published a new article which lists multiple testimonies against the new Apple Watch Series 7. Regulars of the range indeed believe that the colors of this edition leave something to be desired. However, we know that the manufacturer has a habit of organizing large-scale surveys in order to avoid this type of negative feedback.

Several shades are missing from the Apple

Among the versions that question, we can notably mention the case starlight. Indeed, customers who preferred the silver and gold Watch sold previously find it unfortunate that Apple has abandoned them in favor of this “in-between”. The stainless steel grind is fine, but this one seems too expensive for some:

Another scenario: that of the watch in space black, which was not renewed for the aluminum cabin either. This one is available, but for the Series 7 with stainless steel. Equipped with a single braided Indian yellow buckle bracelet, it still costs nearly 779 euros against 350 € less for the original. A price that can of course only be afforded a small proportion of fairly well-off consumers.

Bracelets would also be a problem

According to other comments, some previously edited bracelets are also attracting criticism. Indeed, picky buyers consider that the new colors are simply no longer in phase with their old accessory. An obviously very personal argument, since thousands of other Internet users have already ordered the Apple Watch Series 7 without reporting such comments.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available from 429 euros in France. It is sold in two different sizes: 41 and 45 mm, with a larger screen than that of the Series 6. The metal that surrounds it, meanwhile, also exists in titanium (this is the most expensive offered by the manufacturer).

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Pre-orders opened yesterday, for delivery on Friday, October 15. But extended deadlines could quickly arise. Indeed, during his last quarterly interview with investors, Tim Cook assured that the delta variant of the coronavirus risked compromising orders from Asia.

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