The complementarity between SEO and SEA

The complementarity between SEO and SEA

SEO has become in a few years a major discipline, in connection with the creation and development of a digital activity. Several complementary methods have now been identified, making it possible to optimize the positioning of a website on search engines.

Some basic SEO principles

To optimize the referencing of a website, optimization methods can be used to obtain concrete results more quickly. We often speak of SEO referencing, or “optimization for search engines”. The idea is to use all marketing methods to allow a website to improve its ranking in search engines, while at the same time observing the relevance of the competing results put forward by the algorithm. This method takes time and patience, and guarantees long-term results. On the contrary, SEA referencing (for Search Engine Advertising) refers to paid advertising offered by search engines, allowing a website to feature prominently in the results. These two methods, far from being contradictory, can be combined for greater efficiency depending on the situation. A reflection capable of being carried out by an agency such as Digital Lead, specialized in natural and paid referencing issues.

What are the fundamental differences between SEO and SEA?

The main difference between these two acquisition levers lies in the timeframe for obtaining significant results. In fact, immediate results can be seen when an advertising campaign is launched on the search network. These results may tend to decrease sharply in the event of a cut in investments. Conversely, natural referencing requires long-term strategic thinking, and obtaining the first concrete results is likely to take several weeks, or even several months. In the end, it is the distribution of costs that completes the distribution of the advantages and disadvantages of these two main techniques: as part of a sponsored campaign of the SEA type, it will be necessary to regularly fund a Google Ads account, to continue the distribution. some announcements. In the context of a sponsored SEO campaign, we will speak more of an investment of time, although costs associated with the use of SEO tools may arise.

How to play on the complementarity of techniques

Contrary to some popular ideas, SEO and SEA SEO techniques do not conflict head-on. Most specialized agencies will even tend to recommend that these two acquisition channels be included in an overall digital strategy. For a young company for example, the work on the SEA will allow to generate income quickly, while the SEO will be the opportunity to obtain results in the long term. The complementarity of the techniques will also be the opportunity to occupy more space in the results of search engines (or SERP), and thus reduce visibility.

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