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iOS 15.4 avec fond de nuages violets

iOS version 15.4 has been in beta testing for several weeks. It should arrive at the beginning of March in the final version for all, with iPadOS 15.4, tvOS 15.4, HomePodOS 15.4 and watchOS 8.5. For the new macOS Monterey version 12.3, the output window is blurrier. However, we can bet on availability for all during the next month as well.

Here are in any case, probably, according to the different test versions that have been published by Apple for some time, the additions that iOS 15.4 should include.

iOS 15.4: what changes?

  • Siri: new American English voice option named Quinn. That is genderless, as Techcrunch reports, making Siri the first smart voice assistant with gender-neutral voice. By the way, this addition brings the total of voices in American English to 5 for the Apple voice assistant
  • Air Tag: to fight against the misuse of AirTag object sensors, and in particular the monitoring of people, Apple has introduced various new features already presented a few weeks ago, including an anti-harassment alert on first ignition and a new alert function and location of an AirTag that is potentially following us
  • HomePodOS: support for up to 6 different users for voice commands in Italian and Indian
  • Vaccination certificate and Wallet: Wallet (Cartes app) and Health natively support European vaccination certificates
  • System update via 4G: if it was already possible to perform iOS updates via 5G on iPhone 12 and later models, it is possible under iOS 15.4 to do the same via the 4G cellular internet connection from any iPhone (iOS 15 compatible )
  • Passwords : Apple Password Book changes with iOS 15.4 beta 3 and latest macOS 12.3. It can no longer save password entries without an associated username. The account selector has also been improved
  • Emergency calls: when starting an iPhone for the first time, the emergency call functionality is presented with an invitation to check the corresponding settings, including choice of contact for the emergency call
  • Apple Podcasts: addition of filters to better navigate among the episodes and podcasts followed
  • Driver’s license and identity card in Maps: some lines of the iOS 15.4 beta 2 source code mention the possibility of integrating the driver’s license and the ID card in the Maps application (in the United States in the first place). This is a novelty presented during the introduction of iOS 15 in 2021, announced for 2022, but still not available on iPhone
  • Fixed an important privacy bug: Apple has permanently fixed a security flaw that allowed the company’s servers to receive audio recordings from Siri and Dictation, even if the user did not allow the information to be shared
  • Apple TV and Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi hotspot connections made easier with iPhone. The latter can manage the access configuration maneuver before handing over to Apple TV once the internet connection has been established
  • AppleTV: choice of what appears in the section To be continued
  • Notes: customize left and right swipe gestures to e.g. create a quick note or take a screenshot
  • iPhone 13 Pro: access to 120 Hz is now more open to third-party developers
  • Face ID: can now unlock even while wearing a mask or glasses, with two options that are offered to the user (classic Face ID unlock or unlock with mask)
  • Universal command : the Universal Control tool is finally operational
  • iCloud Keychain : new possibility to add notes for each of your passwords. Another change is the ability to hide iOS security warnings showing for passwords showing potential security vulnerabilities
  • Keyboard : possibility to add a shortcut to change the brightness of your keyboard for iPad (Magic Keyboard) within the Control Center
  • emojis : 37 additional emoticons, also available on watchOS 8.5 and other new iPad OS and Apple TV
  • SharePlay : now accessible directly from Apple Music
  • AppleCard : new widget showing balance and expenses
  • Cards : integration of vaccination certificates for COVID-19
  • Shortcuts : enable or disable the notification that appears when a custom automation triggers
  • Email: add custom domains from the iPhone (accessible to subscribers of the paid iCloud+ service)
  • Promotion: possibility to enjoy it from all the applications on the iPhone that allow it
  • Third-party controllers: management of the adaptive triggers of Sony’s DualSense PS5 gamepads
  • Apple Music: new quick access shortcut with long press on the app icon, Play most recent, to restart playback on the last track listened to, and Play My station, for subscribers only, to start playback of the station personal music

Also to note

  • Passkeys: As the iOS 15.4 source code indicates, Apple is preparing the future of iCloud Keychain. It is with Passkeys that you no longer need passwords to connect to a service. The identification of the user and his connection to the service in question are done by verifying a set of two keys. One private, the other public, are generated during the initial creation of the user account with the service
  • Notifications for web apps: web apps are becoming more and more popular, they can already use the macOS notification system on Safari. They can now also use the iOS notification system via Safari on the iPhone or iPad
  • Resale: Apple seems to prepare a tool to scan iPhones for trade-inas noticed in the code of this beta
  • Tap to Pay: new tools available for developers to take advantage of a notable new feature. It’s about being able to transform the iPhone into a contactless payment terminal. Your iPhone will soon be able to be used to make you pay by credit card for example. A useful feature for professionals, self-employed in particular, but also small businesses and self-employed beginners

We’ll be sure to add to this list if we detect any additional changes.

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