The covid-19 pandemic slows down in most of the world

El coronavirus podría no desaparecer nunca, adiverte la OMS

The covid-19 pandemic is slowing down in most regions of the world, especially in the American continent, where it has fixed its epicenter for months, although outbreaks in Europe multiply precautions in the absence of a vaccine.

During the week, between August 17 and 23, more than 1.7 million new cases of covid-19 and 39 thousand deaths, which represents a 5% drop in infections and 12% in deaths compared to the previous seven days.

The American continent – where the coronavirus has its epicenter since May, particularly in Latin America – it is the region where the pandemic has had the biggest slowdown, with a drop of 11% in new cases and 17% in deaths.

In this region, the covid-19 so far it has caused 261,180 deaths and 6.7 million infections, the highest figures on the planet.

But, according to WHO, The impact in the Americas has decreased, in part, thanks to a slower diffusion of the coronavirus in the United States and Brazil, the two most affected countries. While the first accumulates 5.7 million cases and more than 177 thousand deaths, the South American giant adds 3.6 million infections and over 116 thousand deaths.

Some localized problems

Despite the relative improvement in the region, several Caribbean countries and territories reported a sharp increase in cases and deaths in the last seven days. According to who, that could be due to the resumption of tourism.

Carissa Etienne, director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), office of the who, expressed concern about the “Disproportionate incidence” of the covid-19 among young people, which indicates that “They are the main drivers of the spread of the disease in our region”.

The expert indicated that the cases are concentrated in the group between 20 and 59 years old, but 70% of the deaths occur among those over 60 years of age.

Meanwhile, Southeast Asia, the second most affected region, was indicated by the who as an exception to the slowdown. There was a 4% increase in new cases and deaths last week, with India leading the way with 3.1 million cases.

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The covid-19 pandemic slows down in most of the world

In the eastern Mediterranean, the number of new cases also increased by 4%, but the number of deaths fell (-5%).

And while the organization believes that Africa may have passed the peak of the pandemic Seeing a drop in the daily case count, Europe is seeing a slowdown after a worrying increase in infections.

The number of weekly deaths in the Old Continent decreased 12%, although in Spain there was an increase of 200%. Faced with this new advance of the covid-19, the government will mobilize some 2,000 military personnel to track new cases in the country.

The march and counter march of the virus occurs at a time when it adds more than 814 thousand deaths in the world and almost 24 million infections, according to a count of the AFP from official figures.

“Opportunity” for Latin America

Latin America is going through a critical moment. However, Luis Felipe López-Calva, director for the region of the United Nations Development Program, estimated in an interview with the AFP that this present can also represent an opportunity.

“We have to work with governments to prevent this pandemic also have a destructive effect on institutions and, on the contrary, take it as an opportunity to rebuild trust between citizens and governments, to rebuild effective institutions for a normality that is not only new, but better », said.

Thus, Chile, which on Tuesday August 25 exceeded 400 thousand infections of coronavirus Since March, it appears at the beginning on Wednesday of the plebiscite campaign on October 25 that will define whether or not the Constitution inherited from the dictatorship (1973-1990) is changed.

The date, initially set for April 26, was postponed by the pandemic, which seems to have been under control for more than a month. Although the fear of a new postponement continues to revolve before a possible regrowth.

In Brazil, where the popularity of the government of Jair bolsonaro has risen during the pandemic, his eldest son, the senator Flávio Bolsonaro, reported that same Tuesday of its contagion.

Remdesivir, a drug that accelerates recovery in coronavirus patients
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Asymptomatic, the fourth member diagnosed with the virus in the president’s family began a treatment based on chloroquine and azithromycin, which do not have unanimous scientific endorsement.

Hundreds of Costa Rican merchants, farmers, transporters, tourism entrepreneurs and fishermen marched through the capital to demand a greater openness of economic activity, exposing the difficulties of many sectors due to restrictions to contain the virus.

In Peru, which has already exceeded 600,000 cases and there are almost 28,000 deaths, the mortality rate is the worst in the region and has grown to 843 deaths per million inhabitants.

Maintain traditions

Meanwhile, a battered Argentina, with more than 7 thousand dead, tries to maintain its cultural traditions. Dancers from around the world will compete from Wednesday, August 25, in an unprecedented worldwide virtual tango, which will replace the one organized each year by the government of Buenos Aires.

The milongas, where tango is traditionally danced, have been closed for months and this year they will have to settle for Clicks instead of applause.

In addition, Uruguay celebrated its 195 years of independence, with praise from the United States. «Uruguay has shown great leadership in managing the pandemic, serving as a model in the region »said the head of American diplomacy, Mike pompeo, in a statement about the country of 3.4 million inhabitants that counts 1,533 cases and 42 deaths.

The government of Mexico, which has more than 60,480 deaths from covid-19, announced that it will participate in clinical studies of a vaccine being developed by Italy.

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