the crazy rumor of the notch confirmed?

MacBook Pro concept

This weekend, we heard, from a dubious source that Apple could change the design of its new MacBook Pro presented probably this evening, with the appearance of a notable novelty: a notch.

And it turns out after reflection and investigation, the hypothesis does not seem so crazy. Indeed, remember, last spring, a group of hackers threatened Apple to disclose secret documents. To show that they were not joking and to force Apple to pay the requested ransom, they had published, without warning, part of their batch of files from a supplier of the Californian giant.

In this batch, we were able to find information about a MacBook computer. The associated document describes a machine with an HDMI port, an SD card port and MagSafe charging. These three characteristics are expected on the new MacBook 14 and 16 ″ probably presented tonight. And, you see it coming, one of the related patterns had a notch at the top of the screen !

Be careful though, nothing indicates that a MacBook Pro was described there on the one hand. On the other hand, it could simply be blueprints of a prototype or a test machine. Finally, there remains the hypothesis that these documents revealed by pirates are quite simply false.

Still, this only inflates the rumor of the appearance of a notch on MacBook Pro. For our part, we do not really believe it, especially since, according to the last denial of the weekend on this subject, the notch does not contain a Face ID sensor, but would only be used for the integration of the webcam, a light sensor and a microphone …

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On the other hand, if Apple does reduce the edges around the screen, the presence of a notch may make sense.

What do you think ? Notch or not notch tonight on MacBook Pro?

Appointment tonight 7 p.m. to verify this hypothesis. To follow the event, it’s here for our live text and there for a video follow-up via the Apple site and YouTube.

We have decided not to display the diagram, obviously condemning the act of the pirate group to ransom.

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