The Cup planes

Los aviones de la Copa

Two planes ask for a runway in La Cartuja. Alex Moreno Y Gaya they may have the key to the Cup. left wing surely they light up a stand that is already hot. The two sides have gasoline to light the final. Alex Moreno arrives as one of the most regular players of the entire course, while Gaya has been expressly prepared for his big night. Look for the Valencian su second cup with Valencia, the first with the bracelet and with aspirations of kissing metal. “Lifting the Cup would be incredible, not even in the best of dreams could I have imagined it. I know that we don’t know if we are going to be able to enjoy another final with this team. It is a unique opportunity,” said the Valencia bat yesterday.

Shield/Flag Valencia

The youth squad ché has had a course full of ups and downs. Injuries have prevented him from showing himself in one of his specialties: regularity. Nevertheless, Bordalás has looked with a magnifying glass last weeks of his captain so that he is in full condition against Betis. The ché technician is aware of the importance of Gayà, one of his pillars on the field and in the locker room. For this reason, in recent weeks, the player from Alicante has been dosed with the precision of a surgeon. Also with pampering and caresses as it was possible to verify yesterday in the last training session held in La Cartuja. “I get to the game well and with the rhythm of the competition,” he told AS this week. The fans breathed a sigh of relief after seeing his captain with a smiling face and wanting to lift his first title as captain after spending a decade at Mestalla.

Shield/Flag Betis

Álex Moreno’s situation is different. The side of Betis He has scored five goals and distributed five assistsbetween League and Cup. It is his best course to level goal scorer. According to Artificial Intelligence, the Catalan is one of the most decisive full-backs in the League. Álex Moreno presents a 7.58 total value accumulated in the season. Only Mojica, from Elche, surpasses him in the entire championship. Gayà, with 4.22, is far from these values.

The Catalan, according to the specialized company Olocip, has generated almost 8 more goals than expected for Betis thanks to your total actions. Moreno leads several statistics for AI in Spain and also outside our borders because the Verdiblanco player He is the third left-back with the most impact in Europe. Mojica and Joao Cancelo, from Manchester City, are the only ones who are ahead of Álex Moreno.

Photo by Alex Moreno

Although the Verdiblanco player stands out above Gayà in many facets this season, there is one in which the two footballers are very even and rule in the League: in accumulated offensive value. Moreno, thanks to this virtue, has generated almost three more goals than expected for Betis. Gayà has been able to cause almost two more goals for Valencia thanks to his accumulated offensive value. In fact, despite missing eleven games due to injury this season and going through a complicated season due to muscle discomfort and some relapse, Pedreguer’s man has provided four assists and has scored two goals.

Photo of Gaya

Moreno and Gayà are the two planes in the Cup thanks to their power and offensive contribution. Artificial Intelligence says it and also its performance in the field. The left wing of La Cartuja is preparing to see two hungry guys who are also confident of being in the next World Cup in Qatar.


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