The Curtiss brand is reborn with One, an electric motorcycle of 100,000 euros

The Curtiss brand is reborn with One, an electric motorcycle of 100,000 euros

Some will still remember Hades, a prototype presented in 2019 by the then reborn American brand Curtiss. Its spectacular nature and minimalist style immediately caught the attention of motorcyclists and, after a long wait, the project reached its culmination as Curtiss One.

This is the definitive model of the first motorcycle marketed by the firm, which takes up a legendary name from the American industry. At the beginning of the last century, Curtiss dazzled not only for his motorcycles but also for his airplanes and other remarkable inventions.

The Curtiss One It is a very sophisticated single-seater electric motorcycle with a very original aesthetic. His style is inspired by motorcycles board track, a sports specialty of the twenties and thirties of the last century that took place in oval and banked tracks built with wood.

But that’s where all the resemblance ends with simple motorcycles devoid of almost all the expendable elements to make them lighter. The Curtiss One displays some modern materials –which allow Keep your weight below 400 pounds and a finish as handcrafted as it is elitist. The company uses some very special components, such as the four Beringer 4D Aerotech brake discs, the Race Tec suspensions or the beautiful genuine leather saddle.

No noise or vibrations

On the mechanical level, its carbon fiber chassis supports an imposing warhead-shaped electrical block. Inside it is housed a Yasa P 400 axial flux motor of British origin, with a power of 110 hp and an instant torque of 200 Nm. But the One’s performance is à la carte, because through computer upgrades, the Curtiss brand is going to offer its customers the ability to raise power to a maximum of 217 hp.

For its part, the battery serial is from 8.8kWh and declare a autonomy of 190 kilometers in the city or 112 on the highway. The battery recovers from zero to 80% of its capacity in 40 minutes connected to a Wallbox-type domestic charger (3.3 kW).

Driving the One promises sensations completely different from traditional motorcycles for its responses, but also for a total absence of noise and vibrations, thanks to its secondary transmission by a Toothed belt of the Gates brand.

Despite its minimalist and nude image, the Curtiss One carefully takes care of other practical aspects outside the conventional. It happens, for example, with footrest, that are adjustable in 19 positions in the case of the pilot or in eight in those of the passenger.

The Curtiss One is a motorcycle that costs $115,000 (100,000 euros at the current exchange rate), it is made to order and the first step for the client to obtain it is meet with the design team to specify all your personalization preferences. From that moment, and after payment of 30,000 dollars in advance (26,000 euros), the fabrication process, which will take 225 to 285 days. Then the brand will deliver the motorcycle at home.

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