The CYBEX airbag seat is called Anoris T i-Size

The CYBEX airbag seat is called Anoris T i-Size

Although we are not focused on the matter of car seats for children, it is not the first time that we talk about them but it is one of the times that we talk about one car seat with airbag. Today CYBEX reinvents the world of child safety with the launch of the Anoris T i-Size.

According to the German manufacturer, CYBEX Anoris sets new standards when it comes to safety. Thanks to its integrated airbag technology, this forward facing seat offers approximately 50% more protection than forward facing harness seats.

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According to the brand itself, compared to conventional chairs oriented in the opposite direction of travel, the Anoris T i-Size it has a better overall performance in terms of active and passive protection, confirming its safety. By facing forward, the child enjoys better interaction with the driver.

its 360 degree rotation mechanism it makes it easy to get a child in and out of the chair, and its excellent safety results have led the safety standards in the children’s products industry for years.

CYBEX airbag seat

For decades, the airbag has been an essential safety element for vehicles, protecting adults from serious injury in the event of an accident. Since 2005 this brand has always had the vision that the car seat for children should offer this technology in an accessible way for children.

In a conventional forward-facing seat, the child travels secured thanks to the safety harness, so that, in the event of an accident, the head slides forward. To combat this, the airbag integrated into the safety cushion protects both the head and neck.

This airbag -which covers the whole body-, is activated in a matter of milliseconds and opens to extend in the shape of a “C” in front of the child, providing approximately 50% more protection in the event of a frontal collision than harness seats oriented in the favorable direction of travel.

Anoris T car seat

The favorable direction of gait it is the natural way to drive, just as it is for adults. In the case of children, eye contact with parents is greater, the child has more legroom during growth and it is easier to position and accommodate the child in the car.

The new one Anoris T i-Size is designed for children up to six years old (two years older than conventional chairs allow). On longer trips, older children can dangle their feet without feeling restricted in any way.


This car seat, developed in accordance with the UN R129 / 03 standard, it is suitable for children with a height of 76 centimeters. However, this model is easy to adapt as the child grows up to six years old, or up to a height of 115 centimeters and a maximum weight of 21 kilograms.

Parents can recline the seat in up to three positions so children can easily fall asleep during longer trips.

The new seat will be available in stores at the end of November 2021 at a approximate price of about 700 euros.

Source | Cybex

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