“The day will come when we cannot live without blockchain,” says expert in Colombia 4.0

"The day will come when we cannot live without blockchain," says expert in Colombia 4.0

“We are going to reach the day when we cannot live without blockchain.” This was stated by the area expert, the CEO of Sofocle Labs, Jeeven Saini, during his participation in the specialized forum Colombia 4.0, where he spoke as an international guest.

For the exponent, from India, blockchains are not only a software that safely handles data of people and their transactions, but are an “invisible technology” that, he suggests, “will cement the infrastructure of much of who we are.”

Saini explained, according to a Press releasethat, in the medium term, data will be the element that determines “how the world works, who is powerful or which companies will be successful.”

“Everything is about the data and the blockchain is the technology that will make it tamper-proof,” he said, and highlighted that one of the fundamental changes Predictable with the use of blockchain on a large scale, is that the entire world “becomes decentralized.”

With this technology (blockchain) we will no longer need intermediaries at all, since it is the same people who will have control of your data and transactions.

Jeeven Saini, CEO of Sofocle Labs.

Although he warns that such changes will not occur “overnight”, he predicts that technology “will become essential”, so that governments and companies will have to adapt and change models to work based on what is dictated by the blockchain.

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“The countries and economies that generate data, that know how to store it safely and use it to make better decisions, are the ones that will dominate in the coming years,” said the expert.

What has to do with blockchain has gained great popularity in the world and data shows it. The Bank of America, one of the largest in the United States, suggested this week that, in the near future, technology will be used to unlock a phone, buy a stock, a house, receive dividends, take out loans, save or even pay. gasoline “or a pizza.”

"The day will come when we cannot live without blockchain," says expert in Colombia 4.0
“Blockchain is the technology that will make them tamper-proof,” says the expert / Source: IMK Global.

Colombia 4.0 addresses blockchain, fintcech and tokenization

As we reported in CriptoNoticias, in the new installment of the specialized forum Colombia 4.0, new technologies were a point to be discussed. Blockchain, tokenization and fintech became key topics, deepened by lawyers and experts.

The topics that were addressed were video games, entrepreneurship, animation, fintech, digital transformation, animation, music, artificial intelligence, media and advertising, and industries 4.0.

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