the deactivation of inter-app tracking will be possible in the spring

Fonction suivi entre apps sur iOS

For several months, we know that Apple has been preparing, on iOS, a feature offering the user a choice, for an app wishing to follow its activity on the iPhone (on other apps and on the web), to accept or refuse this tracking.

It is a function that has caused a lot of ink to flow in recent months since it directly attacks various services that rely on this monitoring of users to earn their living. This is particularly the case with Facebook, among many others.

But while everything seems already in place in the settings to accommodate the novelty, according to Apple, it will not be only from next spring that the developers will have the obligation to request authorization from the user to follow him on the applications and website.

On the user side, the setting will be possible independently for any app wishing to take advantage of inter-app monitoring. The list of apps can be found in Settings> Privacy> Tracking.

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Apple as a big defender of privacy

In recent months, Apple has been particularly active in protecting the private data of its users. The Apple firm has notably endowed iOS with a clipboard reading notifications feature, which allows the user to know when an app has access to the clipboard, and therefore, possibly to sensitive information, such as passwords, email addresses and even phone numbers, among others.

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But the Californian giant also last year implemented in its App Store a new section aimed at showing the user what data is collected by the app that he is about to download. And that notably harmed WhatsApp and Facebook once again. The first has also seen many users flee to other more privacy-friendly solutions, such as Signal and Telegram, compared here. A change in its user conditions is also involved in this case.

the deactivation of inter-app tracking will be possible in the spring

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