The design of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro is confirmed


It even seems to be confirmed as all the rumors point in the same direction. The design of the next iPhone 14, and its Pro version, no longer really leaves room for mystery. If we are to believe the rumors about it, Apple should opt for two different configurations of its phone, the Pro version being entitled to this double punch and this “pill” which is so much talked about.

The last Apple brand analyst to mention this new feature on the iPhone 14 Pro screen is Mark Weinbach. Probably not the most famous expert of the firm, the latter is distinguished by a more than correct reliability, estimated around 70% by AppleTrack.

iPhone 14: the last remnant of an era

In a message posted on the social network Twitter, he confirmed that the designs circulating about the iPhone 14 Pro are “legit” (true therefore). An idea already confirmed in the past by Ross Young and John Prosser. The classic iPhone 14 should keep the notch present today on the iPhone 13. It will undoubtedly be the last iPhone with a notch.

Arrived almost five years ago on the iPhone X, the notch was immediately criticized by the firm’s customers. It was too difficult to use according to them. The two small “ears” on the sides, allowing to open the control center and the home page with the notifications, being a major axis of the iPhone in this model.

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Will the iPhone become less recognizable?

A unique user experience on the market, which has been the signature of the iPhone over the past three, four years. The bet to leave this scheme with a large notch at the top of the phone is therefore a risk taken by Apple. We know that the Apple brand wants its phones to be recognizable at first glance, and choosing a perforated screen is in this sense, not the idea of ​​the century.

With the arrival of an asymmetrical “pill” compared to the basic photo sensor, Apple hopes to succeed in making a name for itself on the market, differentiating itself from what already exists in Android.

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