The DGT is concerned about the recklessness of motorists | MOTORCYCLES

The DGT is concerned about the recklessness of motorists | MOTORCYCLES

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has made public the balance of its last special surveillance campaign of the roads frequented by motorcyclists, developed on September 4 and 5, where 15,281 motorcycles and they were made 448 complaints.

Most of the actions took place in the conventional routes, the most dangerous for this group since they are produced 85% of fatal accidents between motorcyclists.

Specifically, they were 11,634 controls on this type of road, with speeding as the most frequent offense, up to the 137 complaints. Below are the vehicles without the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) in force, with 58 sanctioned for it.

In addition, the DGT expresses its concern about other types of reckless attitudes among motorcyclists. The speed is the most common, although we must not lose sight of the 20 drivers who tested positive for the consumption of alcohol or drugs, as well as the 17 who were not wearing a helmet or they did it improperly.

Absenteeism at ITV has become a Upward trend, doubling the data with respect to the previous year. Other behaviors that were sanctioned more frequently during the campaign were irregularities in the exhaust systems of motorcycles (32 cases), irregular overtaking (17) or not respecting the solid lines.

It should be remembered that so far this year 188 motorists have lost their lives on Spanish roads, a high figure considering the circulating fleet of this type of vehicle, very inferior that of automobiles.

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