The emotional reaction of Octavio Ocaña’s family to the tribute of “Neighbors”

The emotional reaction of Octavio Ocaña's family to the tribute of "Neighbors"

In recent days, the emotional tribute made by the series “Neighbors” to the beloved actor Octavio Ocaña has gone viral on social networks, and now the family of the deceased reacted to the chapter.

It was Bertha Ocaña, Octavio’s sister, who shared a heartfelt message in which she confessed that she still has a hard time assimilating the continuity of the project without her brother.

“As Octavio’s family, we are very moved by the new seasons of Neighbors 12 and 13, since it was important that this great character Benito had an outcome in the story, because the show for them, and for everyone, must continue, it is something that we It’s still hard to understand, but we try to make it so.”

The young woman stressed that her brother’s character “stole thousands of hearts”; In addition, she stated that her brother learned to be recognized as Benito and not as Octavio.

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