The fall of Pegasus may have been due to this dictator

Kampala Ouganda

New revelations ensure that the NSO Group, publisher of spyware Pegasus, has indeed signed a contract with the Ugandan government to offer unlimited access to the software. As a reminder, this allows you to hack any iPhone on demand, most of the time without even its owner being worried.

However, we recently learned that the American equivalent of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs was precisely targeted by this surveillance program via maneuvers emanating directly from West Africa. It did not take more to conclude that the disastrous fate of Pegasus, just announced, makes perfect sense … Indeed, the sequel being developed by a company particularly close to the Israeli defense, it would simply not wish challenge the Biden administration.


According to information shared by the English-speaking media Ars Technica, the son of the Ugandan president would indeed have been in direct contact with an Israeli saleswoman in February 2019. The negotiations would then have been crowned with success, without knowing precisely how much they will have cost to the officials. Remember, however, that the license to unlock Pegasus is sold for the equivalent of twenty million euros.

And to say the least, the spyware has fallen into the wrong hands. The man at the head of the former British colony is thus regularly criticized by human rights associations such as Amnesty International. In particular for his criminalization of homosexuality or the constitutional changes regularly made to allow him to represent himself, Yoweri Museveni having been in power for over thirty-five years in a row.

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Still unclear hacking patterns …

Unfortunately, it still seems impossible to this day to guess why Uganda would have liked to spy on the United States. Several representatives of Uncle Sam are well posted there, but their missions tend to remain confidential. This is perhaps what motivated their wiretapping.

Rwanda, a neighbor of the dictatorship also considered authoritarian, also appears as a potential responsible. And you, what is your opinion on this relatively thorny question?

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