The final battle for salvation against a Espanyol without RdT

La batalla final por la salvación ante un Espanyol sin RdT

The Grenade from Karanka face, this time yes, an end. a match to life to death before a Spanish without Thomas Raul, with a team that has been on vacation for a month and a whole lap in decomposition. The Nasrids know that if they win they will be one more year in First Division. Simple, but at the same time so complicated. Because the nerves, the anxiety and seeing you in the well depending of the results of other parties can play a trick on you (follow the match live on No one wants to reach the last day risking salvation, but if you have to do better as Granada arrives.

The Nasrids are the better situated from a group of three, together with Mallorca and Cádiz. One of them, at ten at night, will be from the Second Division. Without looking at other fields and Without depending on anyoneGranada knows that follow maintain the category. If not, it will be time to pick up the calculator and wait for favors from Osasuna or Alavés. In addition to winning, the Granada players are worth do the same than Cadiz or Majorcans. The rojiblancos have one point more than their rivals, so matching what they do will also be maintained. Even if he loses and Mallorca draws, he would continue in the First Division. Also worth a triple tie. Of course, in the event of a tie on points with Cádiz, it would be the Cadiz who would remain. In the city of the Alhambra they do not want to make accounts. win and stay. Win and not have to look at the rest.

Shield/Flag Grenada

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Karanka you can get your gala eleven. Without his long-term injuries (Neva, Torrente and Rochina), the coach, who suffered his first defeat last day since coming to the Nasrid bench, can count on Squire once his sentence has been completed and also with Goals Y Machis, although they arrive between cottons. The Frenchman will force and start from the start, the Venezuelan could be the ideal player to revolutionize the match if things don’t go as expected. Also on the bench Jorge Molina will wait, red and white top scorer. Karanka has arguments and the team improvement it is palpable that’s why the players believe and the fans too. Los Cármenes will fill waiting to celebrate, at last, it is salvation that never ends.

In the premises, stellar presence of Alex Colladoa player on loan from Barcelona and who became essential in this final stretch with Karanka. Skill, work and excellent handling of the left leg. A player with talent and projection.

Espanyol Shield/Flag

Without RdT

Spanish arrives in Granada thinking more about on Monday than in the match itself, although Luis Blanco did not doubt the staff professionalism to seek victory and compete in Los Cármenes. Everything it is uncertainty in a club a week ago he changed his sports director and look for a coach with experience for the next season. He will be in charge of making the decisions.

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With this context, White could you repeat the 5-3-2 that worked for him against Valencia, with Vilhena as left back and the change of Calero for David Lopezwhat he said goodbye in tears at the end of his contract. Same, but headline today, Diego Lopez will be. No one has contacted him and, at 40, he could put an end to a long and spectacular career. You will see it from home ROT, that he will not be able to fight for the Zarra Trophy be sanctioned. wu leiin a duel between Chinese properties, will surely be the companion of Handful.

Darwin Machís during yesterday’s training. The Venezuelan is prepared.

aces to follow

Grenada: Doors. He has become the guy for everything. He is in great form and has earned the coach’s trust.

Spanish. Diego Lopez. The goalkeeper’s contract ends on June 30 and at the moment no one has contacted him for a renewal. At 40 years old, he can say goodbye to him.

The match details

Defending: Karanka retrieves Escudero. So he could once again line up his type of defense with Quini on the right, the man from Valladolid on the left and Víctor Díaz with Duarte in the center of the rear.

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inoperative outside. Espanyol have only added eight points away from home in the 18 games played. He has won one game, against Valencia, and has lost 12.

other fields: Fundamental aspect to reduce anxiety. Granada wants to focus on its game because it depends on itself. Although it will be inevitable to know what happens in Vitoria and Pamplona.

Raúl de Tomás will be the great absentee from Espanyol.

Hobby: Los Cármenes will once again be a pressure cooker. A reception will be organized and there will be a full house to push the team to salvation.

No goal. Although without RdT Espanyol may be able to press more intensely in the rival field, without him they lose their scorer. He accumulates 17, but is suspended.

Ups and downs

Grenade. Karanka recovers Escudero after sanction. Gonalons and Machís are between cottons. Neva, Torrente and Rochina, long-term injured.

Spanish. Luis Blanco gives the list this Sunday. Óscar Gil could return and those of the subsidiary Dani Villahermosa, Jofre Carreras and Rubén Sánchez will fall.




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