The first bike in the history of Yamaha comes to life | Motorcycles

The first bike in the history of Yamaha comes to life | Motorcycles

Yamaha is a manufacturer that works in a multitude of sectors, but it was not until 1955 when it entered the market of motorcycles. His first creation was the YA-1, known as Aka-tombo (red dragonfly), nickname it has taken Yamaha Brazil for his 50th anniversary to create a replica he’s called Yamaha Red Dragonfly.

The YA-1 gained immediate popularity for its choice of colors, which combined the red and white, because it stood out with respect to its competition, the majority of black tones. They also highlighted their now classic forms of minimalist cut, with an elongated, contained-volume tank, a bare-bones one-person seat and a round headlight.

In addition to its aesthetics, it also stood out at the time for its performance, as it mounted an engine 123cc single cylinder that developed 5.5 hp, a humble figure today, but remarkable for the time.

To pay tribute to him, the Brazilian division of Yamaha contacted the specialist Blessed macchina. Instead of choosing to take an old model, the preparer opted for using one of the current brand in the country, the Yamaha Factor 125cc, a naked that has nothing to do with the Yamaha YA-1 in format or design.

What he wanted from her was to use his chassis and its engine, a 125cc engine that, in the current line, develops 11 CV of power. From there a artesanal job to shape all its parts, both functional and aesthetic: the front fork, the double rear shock, the handlebar and the wheels, among others.

It is a unique specimen that the manufacturer has planned use in exhibitions, but it does not seem that he intends to mass produce it.

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