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iPad Air 2022

The best value for money in the iPad range with Apple silicon chip: here is how we could quickly summarize the value proposition of the iPad Air 5 unveiled a week ago. According to Cult of Macthe mid-range device is thus still “better” than its predecessor while its M1 chip offers “unparalleled performance” with apps like Affinity Photo or SketchUp (The Guardian).

This difference in power is nevertheless only remarkable with software that requires a certain level of power. The Verge thus underlines, for its part, that a majority of users content with streaming, browsing or small-scale productivity will not really be able to measure the gap between the new processor and the A14 CPU that fitted the previous tablet.

An improved camera?

During its presentation of the iPad Air 5, Apple also highlighted its two sensors because it has moved up a gear, but in a moderate way. Indeed, the objective remains of the order of twelve megapixels at the rear but goes from seven to twelve at the front. In short, video calls will be entitled to a better definition and this is what was mentioned TechCrunch.

But what the American media especially notes is the arrival of Center Stage previously only accessible on iPad Pro. This feature allows FaceTime to follow the subjects facing the screen, in order to center the image according to their movements and not to lose the thread of the exchange. Convenient, but not essential.

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The fifth generation iPad Air is also the first Apple tablet to carry a 5G modem, to the delight of intensive download regulars. CNET explains, however, that the flow of the 4G LTE was already fast enoughwhich suggests that only true professionals will be able to praise this change.

To get an idea of ​​​​the different new features of the iPad Air of 2022, do not hesitate to consult the following videos. These are in English, the first French testers being still rare to have been served:

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