The first feedback on the Mac Studio and the Studio Display is excellent

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Presented by Apple during its last keynote on March 8, the Mac Studio and Studio Display seem to be the perfect duo for anyone who needs an overpowered computer and a perfect screen, or almost. Thanks to Apple’s brand new chip, the M1 Ultra, the Apple brand still takes a comfortable lead over the competition, and it even exceeds the results of its own computers.

Thus, during the first handling of the device by the teams of The Verge, the latter did not hesitate for a second to qualify the brand new Mac Studio, in its best configuration, as a computer “even more powerful than ‘a Mac Pro’.

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Mac Studio: an unstoppable racing machine

In comments reported by the MacRumors site, journalist Monica Chin explains that she saw a clear difference between the Mac Studio and the Mac Pro. “Despite my amateur eyes…I saw the Mac Studio was flying”. While the computer was pushed to its limits on Premiere or Media Encoder, Apple’s new product responded perfectly.

A story that we find at Jason Snell of the site Six Colors. The latter also recalls how much Apple has learned from its mistakes. Indeed, the Mac Studio is not “a work of art” and Apple did not hesitate to put connector ports on the front, making the user experience simpler, at the cost of less aesthetics. purified.

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According to Jason Snell, the big difference with the Mac Studio, in addition to its breathtaking power, are the connectivity options. Indeed, Mac Studio users will no longer have to go looking for a cable or an adapter, everything can be plugged into this computer.

Mac Studio and Display Studio MonitorMac Studio and Display Studio Monitor

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The Studio Display: Apple’s screen has one flaw

Speaking of connectivity, to use a Mac Studio, you obviously need a screen. The Apple computer does not have a dedicated monitor, but if you had to keep only one it would be the Studio Display, and without a doubt.

Presented at the same time as the computer, this 27-inch 5K screen is a real marvel. For Nilay Patel of The Verge it’s simply “of the only decent 5K display available on the market.” But the achilles heel of this screen seems to come from its webcam.

Opinions are indeed quite unanimous regarding the small camera located at the top of the screen. It does not meet customer requirements, especially given Apple’s announcements on this point. In a tweet, Wall Street Journal journalist Joanna Stern makes an unequivocal comparison of the camera.

Despite the camera, the quality of which needs to be reviewed, all the journalists who have had the Studio Display in their hands are unanimous: the screen is sublime, and given the poverty of the market with regard to 5k monitors, the Apple Studio Display seems an obvious solution. For Stu Maschwitz, who works at Prolost, there is a considerable gap between the Studio Display and its direct competitor the LG UltraFine 5K.

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