The five most expensive motorcycles to insure, and the five cheapest | Motorcycles

The five most expensive motorcycles to insure, and the five cheapest | Motorcycles

The insurance price depends on many factors, whether by car or motorcycle: from the model, its motor and mileage, until age and experience of the user, his accident history and even his place of residence.

And so, the same motorcycle (or car) can present insurance prices pretty disparate depending on who is requesting the coverage policy, and their associated data.

Therefore, the conclusions of the study carried out by the Rastreator comparator on the motorcycle market in Spain should be taken more as reference values that immovable.

Motorcycles: the most expensive and cheapest to insure

The analysis concludes that five sport bikes of average displacement (about 600cc) are those that present the highest policies, while five scooters (125cc or less) are, for their part, the most affordable models to insure.

Rastreator declares a average annual cost for the motorcycle insurance from 332 euros. And it is the scale that is used to see which models are further away from that cost, both by excess and by default.

But, as mentioned, it may be that for some users the most expensive motorcycle is a grand tourer, for others a sporty one and for different ones, a field or even an electric one. Regardless of the type of vehicle, the price has a decisive influence in the cost of the policy.

On Spain there is currently a mobile park from 3.31 million two-wheelers (adding motorcycles and scooters), according to data from Unespa, the national association of insurance companies, which represents 80% of the market.

The five most expensive motorcycles

The Honda CBR 650 presents an annual cost associated with 745 euro policy, according to the study, that make it the motorcycle more expensive.

It is followed by Yamaha YZF R6 and R1 (667 and 633 euros, respectively), and complete the top 5 the Suzuki GSX-R 600 (631 euros) and Kawasaki ZX-6R (616).

The five cheapest

At the other extreme, La Vespa Vespino is the model more affordable to insure in Spain: only 137 euros annual cost.

Below are the Vespa 200 and the Kymco Vitality (152 and 162 euros, respectively), and the top five closed the Yamaha cygnus (184 euros) and the Daelim daystar (186).

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