The five reasons why motorcycles gain presence in Spain | Motorcycles

The five reasons why motorcycles gain presence in Spain | Motorcycles

That motorcycles gain weight in the mobility is appreciated daily in cities and on the road, and that the pandemic “has accelerated the transformation” supports it Jose Maria Riaño, Secretary General of the employers’ association of the two wheels ANESDOR. From the perspective of his position, and supported by the data, Riaño summarizes the growth of the sector in five reasons: “The motorcycle emits little, reduces urban congestion, minimizes times, helps conciliation and it is the most economical of the motorized vehicles. And this is the reality that we observe in times of pandemic: the motorcycle grows as a mobility tool ”.

The sales figures reinforce the arguments of ANESDOR, which has participated together with in a study that evaluates the situation of the motorcycle sector and its users: During the first half of this year, the market for motorcycles and mopeds (new and used) grew by 3.7% compared to 2019.

The report reveals other significant data, such as that motorcycle users ride on average more than 23 kilometers a day. In addition, 50% of motorcyclists state that they use the motorcycle every day, and mainly for routes that combine urban and interurban roads (66%).

They are a minority who ride the handlebars only on the road (25%) or only in the city (7%), from which Riaño deducts a high use as the main means of transport. “The political discourse focuses on public transport and the promotion of cycling and walking, which is very good, but that does not cover the 100% of mobility needs. People travel from the outskirts of big cities and do not have transportation options: if motorists make these distances [23 kilómetros diarios]This means that the motorcycle is a very good solution for day-to-day mobility. It would make sense for cities to take this into account to facilitate its use, ”he argues.


However, according to the study, motorists run into numerous obstacles. “People continue to believe that they have obstacles. The mobility of the city was designed for the car and is now geared towards scooters, but 80% of the victims of urban accidents are vulnerable users, largely pedestrians and motorists. We have to make a safer city design for them ”, considers the ANESDOR representative.

In this scenario, the report shows that 61% of motorcycle users consider that the asphalt on which they circulate is not adequate. In fact, the road surface in poor condition and the slippery paint, together, are one of the main factors that generate insecurity among drivers (42%), only surpassed by the rest of vehicles (44%).

Nor are motorists convinced by urban regulations and restrictions. On the one hand, almost six out of ten users are against the limitation to 30 km / h on some streets. On the other hand, a higher percentage (65%) complain about the environmental restrictions that apply to two-wheelers: the DGT labeling affects them the same as passenger cars, but, says Riaño, “A motorcycle with a C label it does not pollute like a car ”with that environmental label.

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