The flying motorcycle that can now be purchased | Motorcycles

The flying motorcycle that can now be purchased | Motorcycles

The future of the automotive industry seems to lie, in part, in the air. More and more brands and companies are developing flying cars or air taxis, but there are also those who seek to give this approach to two wheels (metaphorical, in this case). The XTourism it’s the first flying moto that can be bought, although its price is quite high: 77.7 million yen, which at the current exchange rate is about 600,000 euros.

It has been developed by ALI Technologies, a startup Japanese that has the backing of renowned firms such as Kyocera and Mitsubishi.

Its format follows the lines established with aerial cars, opting for a configuration drone style. The main body, which looks more like a jet ski than a road one, has four ends with powerful rotors to move around and make vertical takeoffs and landings. In addition, it has two skates with which to lean on the ground

It is a vehicle of considerable size, if one takes into account that it is a motorcycle: 3.7 meters in length, 2.4 meters in width and 1.5 meters in height. Despite the size, there is only room for a person and it cannot weigh more than 100 kilos.

Although no technical data has been provided, such as the power or capacity of its batteries (it is electric), it has been confirmed that it has a range of 40 minutes and that reaches a maximum speed of up to 100 km / h.

ALI Technologies has presented the model at the Fuji circuit, where it demonstrated its capabilities, apparently with a mobility and agility quite small.

The XTurismo is now available for purchase and deliveries will begin during the first half of 2022, but its buyers will have the problem that today practically nowhere in the world there is legislation to operate this type of aircraft, at least in public spaces.

It is not the first attempt to create a flying motorcycle. The Speeder was unveiled months ago, a model that promises a range of up to 30 minutes, 240 km / h peak and 4,500 meters of altitude; but at the moment it is a project and has not been translated into a production model.

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