The footwear that can save the lives of motorcyclists

The footwear that can save the lives of motorcyclists

The ecall it is a mandatory system on all new cars sold in the European Union from March 2018. This emergency warning device In case of an accident acts automatically by performing a call 112 when a serious traffic incident occurs.

Operation in cars is relatively simplesince it launches the distress signal when noticing the airbag activation. Thanks to the position detected by the satellite and the mobile phone connected to the vehicle, it is able to send to emergency services to that location.

It has been shown that in the event of an accident response time by the emergency services is definitive when it comes to providing help to the wounded, that is why suzuki is working on a system that allows to democratize this aid on their motorcycles. So far only BMW in the high-end models of its catalog and Bosch with his Help Connecthad taken a step forward with this technology intended exclusively for motorcyclists.

The problem that the developers of these systems are encountering is the Difficulty determining the severity of the accident. Work has been done on the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) mounted on the new motorcycle models, but did not allow to clarify the severity of the incident with precision. For example, in some motorcycle falls, it is the machine itself that takes the hit crashing while the pilot has gone slipping into a safe area. For cases like this its implementation has been more difficult in the world of two wheels.

The key is in the feet

What has meant a great advance in this patent of suzuki compared to other systems on the market, is that incorporate the rider into the equation, not just the bike. It is the user who is going to wear some sensors in shoe soles that help determine the state and the position in which it is located.

They are activated when the accident is detected and will let you know if the injured person is lying down (severe), lying down or sitting up (less serious) or standing up (mild). Once this data has been processed, the emergency center can determine the severity and choose the type of medical assistance.

eCall Moto 3
Suzuki shoe sensor patent

will also be included a proximity sensor to the motorcycle, for example, through the smart key that will be able to show another parameter of the injured person. By means of the distance the motorcycle is from the riderand its position on the asphalt, can be determine more accurately the type of help.

In short, Suzuki’s system does not involve only the classic ecall incorporated by some motorcycles, but through sensors that can be incorporated into the helmet or the pilot’s clothing It will allow, as its developers want, to save many lives.

eCall Moto 2
Suzuki patents an eCall system for motorcycles

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