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France Identity, the official app of the French government which wants to replace your identity card as Apple Pay does with your credit cards, had even before the WWDC cast doubt on its compatibility with iOS 16. It’s now official, thanks to communication with the NFC chip of the new format that arrived last year.

The information was not revealed directly by Apple during the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developer Conference 2022. This is no exception: sometimes some software changes are glossed over on occasion and we discover them later, as was the case for the makeover of Apple Books at the same time.

To learn more as developer, documentation has just been published on the subjectt and details how the iPhone sensor interacts with the ID card.

Soon on the App Store

According to the editors of France Identity, this news is also a sign that the platform itself will finally be able to land on iOS. However, it will only be available in beta version to start. A limited number of people will then have access to it in order to collect as much feedback as possible to improve the service, before it is rolled out to the rest of the population.

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Logically, we imagine that the identity card can also be downloaded in Apple Cards (formerly Apple Wallet). Some American driving licenses are already entitled to it, but the StopCovid app, for example, took some time to get up to speed. So all you have to do is cross your fingers for the Macron administration to learn the lessons it needs.

See you at the end of the year

You have understood it: you will therefore need to have installed iOS 16 to access your identity card on iPhone. However, this version is also limited to its version beta for the moment. And again: it is only offered to developers, the time they update their code before the operating system goes public.

According to Apple, this will be the case infallalso with macOS Ventura for computers and iPadOS 16 for tablets.

For the list of iPhones compatible with iOS 16, it’s right here.

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