the French top 100 in 2021

the French top 100 in 2021

Congratulations, it’s a boy! For the happy future parents, the arrival of a new member in the family is a welcome news that deserves to be celebrated at its true value. Precisely, to mark this happy event, nothing like choosing a pretty name for your blond head that it will wear proudly. Between Claude, Justin, Eric, Léonidas or even Mathieu, choosing a first name for your boy can sometimes be a real headache. Here are some name ideas for your little boy.

How to find the ideal first name for your baby boy?

Choosing the first name of your little boy is one of the pleasures of future parents. Whether original like Elliot or popular like Maxime or Hugo, each boy’s name has its origin, meaning, etymology and beauty. To choose the first name that suits your tastes, it is important to start your research as soon as possible, ideally as soon as you know the sex of the baby.

This gives parents the time needed to refine their choices and to prepare for any changes. A first name is often for life so you might as well take your time to choose it. Even though finding the perfect name can sometimes seem difficult, there are a few tips to find the perfect name that will fit your child like a glove.

Always match the last name

If you’ve already planned a name for your child, one of the best ways to tell if it’s the right choice is to associate it with their last name. Indeed, it is essential that the sequence of the first name and the name of the child is above all harmonious. To establish a good balance, it is advisable to choose a short first name when the last name of the child is long and vice versa. On the other hand, avoid dubious puns between the name and first name, or with initials that are too awkward (PQ, WC, SM…).

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Beware of fashionable names

Faced with a lack of inspiration, many parents turn to the charts of the most trendy first names of the moment. By doing this, you will certainly find a beautiful name for your little boy, but you also risk choosing a name that is popular with other parents. The risks that your child will end up with friends who have the same first name as him or her are not negligible in this case.

Try compound first names

Apart from the old-fashioned charm of compound names, making such a choice can be a great idea when parents are struggling to agree on a single given name. By associating each one with their preference, they will thus obtain a first name that is both original and unique.

However, before deciding on your boy’s name, consider the impact it will have on him as well. Think twice before choosing a celebrity first name, a mixed first name, or a rare first name that your child might repeat several times when asked.

What first name to choose for your little boy?

The easiest and easiest way to find a trending name for your baby boy is to search our list of the best baby names of the year. Indeed, several websites offer their top list of the most trendy first names of the year. According to studies carried out by INSEE and based on the list of first names declared to the civil registry, it is “Léo” who obtains the palme d’or for the most trendy first name of the year 2021. We find also on the podium, “Gabriel” and “Raphaël” which respectively occupy the second and third place of the most trendy names of the year.

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Old names like Antoine, Augustin, Victor, Louis and Samuel are also on the rise. As for the biblical first names, the parents have opted during this year for Nathan, Timothy, Adam, Aaron, Ishmael, Noah or Eden. Among the trendy boy names, we also note the arrival of new names such as Amir, Nolan, Thiago, Naël, Lenny, Soan and Liam.

Here is a top 10 of the most beautiful names of boys according to the classification carried out by the INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies):

  1. Leo
  2. Gabriel
  3. Raphael
  4. Arthur
  5. Louis
  6. Jules
  7. Adam
  8. Mael
  9. Lucas
  10. Hugo

The complete classification of this study is available on the official website of INSEE. You will find in this top list, all the styles and all the inspirations regarding boy names:

Ranking First name Number
1 LEO 4496
2 GABRIEL 4415
3 RAPHAEL 3970
4 ARTHUR 3800
5 LOUIS 3795
6 JULES 3551
7 ADAM 3386
8 MAEL 3292
9 LUCAS 3245
10 HUGO 3129
11 NOAH 2802
12 LIAM 2739
13 GABIN 2727
14 SACHA 2554
15 PAUL 2477
16 NATHAN 2402
17 AARON 2312
18 MOHAMED 2301
19 ETHAN 2280
20 EDEN 2221
21 TOM 2221
22 LEON 2167
23 NOAH 2123
24 TIAGO 1970
25 THEO 1933
26 ISAAC 1925
27 MARIUS 1843
28 VICTOR 1809
29 AYDEN 1786
30 MARTIN 1772
31 NAEL 1771
32 MATHIS 1734
33 AXEL 1683
34 ROBIN 1629
35 TIMÉO 1622
36 ENZO 1588
37 MARCEAU 1577
38 ELIOTT 1527
39 NINO 1527
41 NOLAN 1501
42 MALO 1498
43 MILO 1475
44 Antony 1455
45 SAMUEL 1402
46 AUGUSTIN 1379
47 AMIR 1360
48 LYAM 1355
49 RAYAN 1329
50 YANIS 1314
51 IBRAHIM 1308
52 GASPARD 1298
53 SOHAN 1231
54 CLEMENT 1217
55 MATHEO 1208
56 BAPTIST 1202
57 SIMON 1202
58 MAXENCE 1194
59 IMRAN 1186
60 KAIS 1151
61 COME 1137
62 SOAN 1106
63 EVAN 1091
64 MAXIM 1052
65 CAMILLE 1045
67 OWEN 1037
68 ISMAEL 984
69 LENNY 983
70 PABLO 971
71 LÉANDRE 945
72 NAIM 943
73 ILYAN 902
74 THOMAS 899
76 OSCAR 843
77 ELIO 842
78 MALONE 835
79 NOA 835
80 DIEGO 818
81 NOAM 808
82 LIVIO 800
83 CHARLIE 793
84 CHARLY 790
85 BASIL 787
86 MILAN 782
87 ILYES 780
88 ALI 755
89 ANAS 752
90 LOGAN 748
91 MATHYS 721
92 ALESSIO 706
93 WILLIAM 705
94 TIMOTHY 697
95 AUGUST 695
96 ADEM 694
97 AYOUB 694
98 WASSIM 688
99 MARINE 686
100 YOUSSEF 686
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