The future of Valencia is cooked in Singapore

Peter Lim y Anil Murthy.

anil murthypresident of Valencia, is already in Singapore and in a few hours he will meet with the owner of the Ché entity, peter limto hear what they are the guidelines of the maximum shareholder for the imminent future of the club. The manifestation that occurred eight days ago on the outskirts of Mestalla and, surely, lThe audio recordings of Anil Murthy during a meal with businessmenin which he revealed part of his intentions as president of the club, will be on the table.

And the conclusionsmaybe, could be conditioned by any of the above situations. The first thing that is expected to be resolved in Valencia is the continuity of Murthy himself. That the largest shareholder verified that he has a large part of Valencia’s social mass against him, could have consequences for the continuity of the highest-ranking executive that Meriton has at the helm of the club. What is clear is that Murthy must have a very clear argument when explaining to Lim what is happening in Valencia and its surroundings.

Shield/Flag Valencia

Also the issue of the new stadium is something that will be discussed in the conclave. After the publication of the audios, rejectionto the proposal presented and also to Meriton in particular, is a majority in almost all the political actors in this matter. A priori, it might seem that it is the least urgent issue but at the same time it is the most important for the future of Valencia. Murthy’s audios, in which he announced that he was going “to take the Generalitat to trial”, do not help either.

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According to club sources, the meeting was scheduled before the week of the audios and the demonstrationso the thread of it should walk through the planning of the next season: renewals of Gayà and Soler or sales, transfer of Guedes, signings… And also the continuity of Bordalás. The man from Alicante has a contract and intends to fulfill it. But eight days after the end of the season, no one has told him anything. Like every son of a neighbor in Valencia, he waits for Murthy to bring news from Singapore. Intermediaries outside the club have sounded out several coaches in case Lim presses the red button. If he decides to fire Bordalás, the club should compensate him with 700,000 euros. You have until June 30 to execute this clause. On the contrary, Bordalás will start the preseason at the beginning of July. A Gordian knot that Murthy must solve starting at the end of this week, when he returns to Valencia with the instructions given by Peter Lim. That, if the tycoon does not decide to do without the president himself.


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