The Gavi phenomenon –

The Gavi phenomenon -

Although Luis Enrique would like to send a direct message to those who still deny him bread and salt at Barça, especially Joan Laporta, who is choking on the extension for giving a lot of money ahead of time to future signings like Kessié, what about once deserved the one from Los Palacios, Gavi is on the radar of half of Europe. And not only because of last Thursday’s game against Portugal. “He is a great unknown even for those who are closest to him,” the coach warned those who do not value him.

But the truth is that it is the opposite. Gavi is on everyone’s lips about his season and he is already the footballer who has played the most games with the Spanish National Team before turning 18. He has seven and he is getting the face of a starter with a view to the World Cup. Faced with a certain open debate in Barcelona in the final stages of the season, when Gavi began to be labeled as more of a player who breaks and tears than touch, Luis Enrique came out to protect his talent. Actions such as the 1-0 transition against Portugal; or the passes he served to Soler and Morata that could close the match, vindicate him as a player. Sevilla fired the player with a thunderous ovation, who by the way ended up somewhat touched and had to pass the ‘anti-doping’.

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Waiting for Pedri in the National Team, Gavi moves the machinery of La Roja with ingenuity, always protected at his back by Sergio Busquets and now with complements such as Soler or Koke. At 17 years old, his personality is impressive and how he is making a niche with a football in which he could surely adorn himself more, but in which he chooses humility and collective sense as a flag.

Luis Enrique reminded him that it is not “indisputable”. “There are only a few here,” he recalled. Probably because the only one who has that condition is Busquets. But since he landed in the National Team in the final four of the Nations League, Gavi has stayed to the point of having played all the matches, official and friendly, that the national team has played. Beyond what Luis Enrique said to warn Laporta, Gavi is “a perfect acquaintance.”


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