The Google Page Experience Update Desktop Coming in 2022! Everything You Need To Know

While the Core Web Vitals-centric Page Experience Update has already been rolled out from June to August 2021 to impact (and improve) Google’s mobile organic search results, the search engine plans to roll out the same update for everything. computer traffic (desktop, in English), from 2022. Here is everything you absolutely need to know about it and what it will change (or not) in your daily life and in your 2022 SEO projects.

Reminder: what is the Experience Update Page?

The Google Page Experience Update is concretely, simply and initially for Google to negatively impact on the organic rankings of its search results websites who :

  • Have bad scores in Core Web Vitals tests (3 web and UX performance indicators analyzed): you can test yours on a tool like Lighthouse or more simply Google PageSpeed ​​Insights;
  • Are not properly secured over HTTPS;
  • Are not properly responsive.

Google’s first Page Experience Update algorithmic update was deployed between June and August 2021 to all mobile traffic.

The Page Experience Update arrives for Desktop traffic in 2022

During I / O 2021, Google presented an overview of its plans to also assess indicators related to the Page Experience on Desktop traffic..

This means that Google will deploy the Desktop Page Experience Update in 2022.

Once this algorithmic update is deployed, the engine will be able to adjust and refine the ranking of the organic results of its pages according to the criteria linked to the scores. Core Web Vitals Desktop.

When will the Google Page Experience Update Desktop be rolled out in 2022?

According to official information from Google:

  • Global deployment will start from February 2022.
  • Global deployment will be finalized in March 2022.

Why deploy the Page Experience Update on Google Desktop traffic in 2022?

Because the share of Desktop traffic remains high in many countries, although the trend is for the share of mobile traffic to increase every year:

The Google Page Experience Update Desktop Coming in 2022! Everything You Need To Know
Share of mobile traffic worldwide and by country in 2021, from the country with the highest share of mobile traffic to the one with the lowest share (Source)

Thus, although the engine has decided to start deploying this update for priority devices (smartphones and tablets), it does not forget the rest of its users.

For Google, the interest here lies in improving the desktop user experience of its search engine (and results highlighted).

Who says improving the Desktop user experience after wishing to improve the Mobile / Tablet user experience means thatBy 2022, the world’s leading search engine will have implemented a cross-device algorithm, in any case favoring sites with the best SXO and the best Core Web Vitals cross-device ratings.

And for good reason, more than 48% of its French users, for example, are not mobile users (but also wish to navigate on fast sites with a good user experience).

Globally, more than 43% of Internet users are not mobile users.

Any other Google news to plan following this update on the desktop user experience?

As seen before, Google will start using the page experience as part of our desktop ranking systems from February 2022.

The rollout will be complete by the end of March 2022 and this launch will be based on the same page experience signals that have been rolled out for mobile.

Google is also planning to help site owners understand the performance (in terms of page experience / core web vitals) of their Desktop pages using a new Search Console report that is expected to launch by February 2022.

This new report should therefore see the light of day quickly, before the algorithmic update takes place and the core web vitals become a ranking signal on desktop.

What factors have an impact on this Page Experience Update dedicated to desktop traffic in 2022?

core web vitals google
Overview of the 3 indicators associated with Core Web Vitals analyzed by Google as part of the Page Experience Update

Although they will be exactly the same as the previous Experience Update Mobile Page, here they are summarized in a table.

As you can see, and we must not forget it, it is not only the Core Web Vitals indicators that are integrated into the evaluation criteria of the Page Experience Update :

Factor Mobile Desktop
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
First Input Delay (FID)
HTTPS security
Absence of intrusive interstitials
Mobile compatibility (responsive, ideally) (not applicable)
Factors that impact (degree not specified) positioning in Google search results for the 2022 Page Experience Update Desktop

In summary, the same three metrics Core Web Vitals: LCP, FID and CLS, and their associated thresholds will apply to the classification of desktop computers.

Other aspects of page experience signals, such as HTTPS security and the absence of intrusive interstitials, will also remain the same.

While the mobile friendliness signal continues to be a part of the mobile rankings, it will of course not be a factor for desktops.

Good to know (reminder):

  • When a site has separate desktop and mobile URLs (with appropriate rel alternate link configuration), the desktop signal will be based on the URLs desktop users see and not, of course, mobile URLs (ex: of types

How to test if your site will be impacted (or not) by this update on the Page Experience Desktop?

All you have to do is enter a URL for each template on your site in the free online Google Page Speed ​​Insights tool and look at the results communicated by Google in the “tab”. Computer“, Not“ Mobile ”, for once:

Google Page Speed ​​Insights: Rest of core web vitals as part of the experience update desktop page
Google Page Speed ​​Insights: Rest of core web vitals as part of the experience update desktop page

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