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The great celebration of 100 years of the BMW boxer engine | Motorcycles


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BMW had to give up the manufacture of aviation engines after the First World War. Although I was still producing large thrusters for trucks, tractors and boats, I needed a more popular product than guarantee their survival. It was then that the young engineer Martin Stolle designed a twin cylinder engine, air-cooled, with a capacity of 500cc and combustion chambers placed horizontally, one opposite to the other.

His idea was install it on a motorcycle and in 1920 production started of an engine that has become a whole industry icon of the motorcycle. Initially was supplied to other manufacturers, like Helios, SWM or Corona, being in 1923 when BMW launched its first motorcycle of its own, the legendary R32, that supposed the beginning of the activity of the Bavarian house in the industry of the two wheels.

Its success has been so incontestable for an entire century that the concept endures today, so the popular boxer (name that refers to the placement of against each other of the cylinders, evoking the movement of boxers during the BMW fight) celebrates its centenary this year.

To celebrate the anniversary, the BWM Spain Motorcycle Club is going to celebrate the second edition of his ‘Boxer Meeting’, a meeting reserved for passionate about this mythical propeller. Respecting all limitations and sanitary security measures, the Pyrenean town of Benasque (Huesca) will host a group of boxer-powered BMW owners for an intense weekend between days 28 and 30 this August.

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Thus, twin cylinder boxers from the German brand of any time and model They will travel, both Saturday and Sunday, the sensational roads of the Huesca Pyrenees on routes designed by the experienced traveler Gustavo Cuervo. As a complement to these routes, motorcyclists will enjoy the gastronomy of the area (in small groups to respect the seating regulations in restaurants), they will participate in raffles, musical sessions and conferences related to the motorcycle world in general and BMW in particular.

The places for the event are limited and the closing of the inscriptions will be made on August 15th. The price per person is 190 euros in a double room and 250 euros in a single, including also in this quantity the complete support of the weekend, a gift bag welcome a commemorative shirt and participation in both the routes and the raffles held. All the information about the ‘Boxer Meeting’ It is available on the website of the BMW Spain Motorcycle Club.


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- Advertisement -The great celebration of 100 years of the BMW boxer engine |  MotorcyclesThe great celebration of 100 years of the BMW boxer engine |  Motorcycles

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- Advertisement -The great celebration of 100 years of the BMW boxer engine |  MotorcyclesThe great celebration of 100 years of the BMW boxer engine |  Motorcycles

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