the guide to understand everything

the guide to understand everything

the motion design has become the must-have video marketing trend. Many companies are now using this visual art that sets graphic elements in motion to spread their message.

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What is the point of motion design?

Facilitate memorization of the message

Here’s an essential question to ask when creating a video marketing strategy: Will my video content be remembered?

The short format (less than 2 minutes) of the motion design allows you to go straight to the point to spread a message. The attractive and breathtaking visuals of the motion design also contribute to a better assimilation of the message by the audience. They effectively grab the audience’s attention. The impact on memorization is therefore greater than a written text. Indeed, it is estimated that a message by video is 9 times better retained than when it is read.

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Gain virality and develop your presence on social networks

Video is a viral medium that is easily shared on social media. It’s an ideal way to attract new customers, expand your community and increase your visibility. A motion design helps to create a feeling of trust and sympathy, which facilitates its sharing to develop its presence on social networks.

Optimize video budget

Making a marketing video requires a significant budget. With motion design, the team is reduced since there is only need for a motion designer and a project manager. Thus, production costs are lower and the company can even consider increasing its video campaigns in motion design.

Communicate complex information

Thanks to the animation of images, visual and graphic elements, motion design makes complex content understandable by all. It makes it possible to popularize information, even the most technical ones. It is a simple, educational and fun audiovisual medium.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

The motion design makes it possible to integrate the identity of the brand. This allows the target to directly distinguish the company, product or service from the competition. It’s also a way to stand out and positively impact the audience.

How to do motion design?

To create an impactful motion design video, several steps are necessary.

Create a creative brief and specifications

The first step is to develop a creative brief with specifications. These two elements must contain all the information useful for a good understanding of the project. They serve as a working basis for the motion designer and are essential.

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They define the requests, the needs, the objectives of the video, the minimum and maximum duration, the target and the message to be broadcast. The tone and form of the message are to be determined according to the target.

It must also include the brand identity, that is to say both the graphic universe, and the informative elements on the positioning, the values ​​and the vision of the company. This helps maintain overall consistency between the motion design video and the brand.

Write a script

This is a written and scripted version of the video, which provides a final preview. A good script provides indications on the desired animation style (flat design, isometry, 3D animations, gradient), but also ensures that the right message is conveyed. It is a tool to check that all the elements requested in the specifications have been respected, before moving on to the animation phase. It is therefore necessary to validate a final version.

Make a storyboard

After the script, comes its pictorial version: the storyboard. This can be created by the motion designer or an art director. Each sequence of the storyboard illustrates and details the various animations and gives indications for the realization. It must also specify the different transitions between each screen.

Create the layout

The mock-up consists of digitally creating all the graphic elements necessary for the animation of the motion design video. It can be variations of existing illustrations or creations of new elements. The main thing is to respect the graphic charter of the company.

Make the animation

This step is the very heart of motion design, because it involves giving movement to all the graphic elements previously created during the layout. It is an assembly that allows to give life, in 2D or 3D, to the illustrations.

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Illustrate the sound universe

The sound design brings dynamism to the video and allows a better understanding of the message by the target. He understands the music, the voice-overs as well as the sound design. The sound universe is particularly important to make the motion design video attractive.

Add subtitles

It is advisable to include subtitles, because videos can be played without sound, especially on social networks. A subtitled version allows the message to be better delivered to users, regardless of the circumstances under which they view the video.

Compile the files

Last step, and not least, the compilation of the files allows to create a final file. This will then be exported in different formats, depending on the use and need of the company (in low or high definition, .mov, .mp4, .avi). It should however be noted that the file is often large, it may be useful to encode it. Once this step is completed, the motion design video is ready to be broadcast!

5 motion design software


Graphic creation tool par excellence, Illustrator allows you to create pre-animation in motion design. It allows to create illustrations, logos, icons, images in vector format, which will be usable in the video.

Its price is €23.99 per month per unit, and €59.99 per month by taking the Adobe suite.

motion design - illustrator

After Effect

It is the essential software for creating motion design videos. Versatile and powerful, it allows you to set all graphic elements in motion. From logos, to titles, to characters and adding special effects, the possibilities for animation are endless. After Effect makes it possible to adapt audiovisual productions to all media.

It is available from €23.99 per month alone, or €59.99 per month with the Adobe suite.

motion design - after effect

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is an editing software that intervenes in the last phase of the motion design project. It allows you to compile the different elements, namely photos, music, motion design to produce exceptional videos.

You have to pay €23.99 per month to get it, or €59.99 per month by subscribing to Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

motion design - premiere pro

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a 3D animation, modeling, simulation and rendering software all in one. It is widely used by motion designers because it is a benchmark in the motion design market. It’s a fast, stable, and ergonomic tool that enables exceptional video productions.

Its price is €1,600.

motion design - cinema 4D

DaVinci Resolve 17

DaVinci Resolve 17 is a solution offered by Blackmagicdesign, enabling editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and post-production. It benefits from a modern and quick to use interface, while remaining professional. It is the ideal tool for beginners in motion design.

Plus, it’s totally free.

motion design - DaVinci Resolve 17

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