The header redesign: why? How? ‘Or’ What ?

Refonte du header : un bon moyen de relooker votre site internet !

At a time when the digital strategy is in full swing in the world of entrepreneurship, it has become essential to pay particular attention to your website.

The design of your website helps maintain your image with your customers while boosting their visibility. Who says more visibility, says more visitors and prospects!

As such, a header redesign gives your site a facelift. It is also a good opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. And to arouse the curiosity of prospects. Discover how to rejuvenate your website with a header redesign through this article.

What do we mean by “header redesign”?

Definition of the header

The header designates the ”top of the page” of your website comprising the major information highlighted within your website. This information allows, for example, to guide your visitors in their navigation.

This is why it is essential to have a attractive, understandable and ergonomic header. The redesign of the header thus consists of rework the design of this part of the home page in order to rejuvenate your website.

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The two most famous types of “header redesign”

1> The graphic redesign focuses on modernizing your home page. To do this, it is imperative to carry out a visual identity retouching. As well as graphical charter mobilized by your activity.

In some cases, the ergonomics of the interface can also undergo some significant changes. Always with the objective of rejuvenating your website with a redesign of the header.

2> The structural overhaul affects the entire structure of the website. This involves a review of the various options offered, including careful observation of visitor behavior via Google Analytics. Following this observation, we may have to change the CMS. In general, a structural overhaul involves an SEO optimization (natural referencing) of the site.

Why redesign the header of your website?

Optimizing adaptability for all terminals

Since 2017, the use of the Internet through smartphones and tablets has largely overtaken browsing via a computer or a pc. Hence the importance of content that is both readable and optimized on all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone). The graphic redesign of the header allows adjusting the size of the site’s content to fit all screens, enough to effectively adapt the website.

Reinforce a positive brand image

The redesign of the header makes it possible to adjust the unpleasant little hassles that drive your visitors away when browsing your website: inconspicuous logo, fuzzy menu, inadequate color combination, poor image quality, etc.

It is therefore an effective way to avoid these worries in order to boost your brand image in the eyes of your prospects. And even customers who are already loyal to the products offered, while helping to rejuvenate the website.

Why is branding so important to a business?

Increase traffic

This is where the natural reference (SEO) so that the user quickly finds your site when they search on Google.

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Sometimes, to optimize SEO, a header redesign is needed to restructure your website navigation to propel your notoriety on the web. By way of illustration, a poorly structured site or pages that take time to respond because they are overloaded, are detrimental to the good SEO of your site.

Add new options

In addition to rejuvenating your website, the header redesign allows your online store to offer more features such as:

  • a reorganization of the products offered by categories,
  • the addition of a chatbot to instantly answer your customers’ questions.

How to rejuvenate a website with a header redesign?

For revamp your website with a redesign of the header, we advise you to call on professionals with the aim of effectively strengthening the visibility of your site through an effective digital strategy.

Below are some practical and essential tips for redesigning the header adapted to your website.

Place the header in the right place

As explained before, the header represents the top part of your website. It is therefore an essential element when designing your site. As such, he must maintain this superior position.

Frozen at the top of the window even when your visitor scrolls on their screen. This positioning is important so that the Internet user always has an overview of the essential information (navigation, phone number, contact page, etc.) that he needs at any time and whatever the content on which he lands.

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What should the header include?

The content of the header is fundamental when you want to rejuvenate your website. From capital elements, we find :

  • the name of the company with its logo, the slogan,
  • the menu which gives access to the different options of your site,
  • contact information,
  • links to social networks,
  • the search bar,
  • the link to the store,
  • the registration form for the newsletter subscription, etc.

The list is not exhaustive. And we must ensure do not weigh down the header with too much information. It is strongly recommended to learn to synthesize information, to sort it according to its degree of importance.

Three valuable tips for overhauling the header

  1. Favor the hamburger menu in order to save space. While helping visitors to redirect to the windows of their choice at any time;
  2. Design a full version of the header that is displayed when you land on the page. And a shorter version including only the top features;
  3. Depending on the sections of the site, prepare adapted headers to each offer, making sure to use the same main navigation and expand in the secondary parts.

Does your website header need a facelift?

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