The “heated” debate between heating tea in the kettle or in the microwave

El “acalorado” debate entre calentar el té en la tetera o en el microondas

The explanation for “never microwave tea” gets lots of criticism

He tea is the most popular drink in the world, after water according to Harvard. It is rich in polyphenols that have properties that promote health benefits, which is why has been the subject of multiple studies that support its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. But the controversy this week was generated by the publication in CNN and Fox News of studies that some readers called ridiculous and unnecessary.

Publications that refer to a right and wrong way to brew tea attracted the attention of those who want to know if there is variation in the compounds of tea such as caffeine and its plant chemicals, were absorbed and used differently from their Benefits or the taste was affected when comparing a preparation in the microwave or with hot water from a kettle or pot on the stove.

CNN first published The correct way to make tea? Science weighs on microwave versus kettle ” and then returning to the subject and the same studies, Fox responded with “You should never cook tea in the microwave, scientists say”.

The surprise and disappointment came when in both notes they focused on confirming what we already knew, that water heats unevenly in the microwave, and on the stove, it happens evenly. On the stove, it heats from the bottom up in a convection process, while in the microwave it heats the liquid at the top more than at the bottom.

The source of both publications is the Advances magazine of the American Institute of Physics, where they explain the problem to make known that Researchers from China University of Electronic Science and Technology found the solution by designing a silver lining for a glass that makes the liquid heat evenly.

The critics

Fox says you should never make tea in the microwave with the argument that scientists explain about uneven warming of the water, which generated hundreds of unpleasant reactions.

“This is so silly that my brain hurts. Take a spoon and stir. At first, I thought I was going to read that there was a legitimate danger in heating the tea in the microwave”Bazz Ackwards.

Who cooks tea in the microwave? I heat the water in the microwave and then submerge my bag mixing at a uniform temperature. What article. I shouldn’t have let my curiosity get the best of me ”, AmfinDuluth

“Put a spoon in it and stir! Problem solved ”, Dagney60

“It’s not about heating tea in the microwave. It’s about heating water in the microwave “, Luke.

“Now that I have learned this little information, my life is complete”, Nkyview

The microwave has a plus point

For its part, CNN than shared the description of the problem of uneven heating and the Chinese scientists’ solution not to have to stir, in its penultimate paragraph defends the use of the microwave to make tea and it has a point, a 2012 research by the University of Newcastle that notes that if you prepare the tea in the microwave you can extract more compounds potentially beneficial from the leaves, such as catechins and caffeine.

In conclusion, preparing your tea in the microwave could extract more of its compounds. The water heats unevenly, you can stir to have a homogeneous temperature or wait until you have a special glass.

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