The Heliodorus no longer imposes

Gol del Málaga al Tenerife

The Tenerife is turning into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Away from home he has achieved historical records being, in addition, the best visitor of the category. However, at the Heliodoro where he always felt very comfortable, he has already lost up to six games, the worst figure in the last eight years.

Shield/Flag Tenerife

It’s more, if those of Ramis are given to fall on the last day against Cartagena -it is the game that remains to be played at home-, equal to the seven defeats suffered by Álvaro Cervera’s Tenerife in 2013/14. That is the worst campaign as a local of the last decade. Very different was what happened in the promotion to Second Division where only two of the 22 games played against their people were lost.

On this occasion, Mirandese (1-2), Eibar (0-1), the palms (0-1), Royal Valladolid (1-4), Almeria (0-1) and Malaga (0-2) have been the teams that took the three points of the Rodriguez Lopez. Five other rivals, in addition, knew how to scratch at least one point. Thus, the Blue and Whites are eleventh in the standings at home.

“It is true that the trend in our fiefdom is not to be so comfortable,” Ramis responded to the logical questioning of such poor data on the Island. “At home we unprotect ourselves somewhat more, and that makes it difficult for us, and with the ball, even, we have many more losses that feed the rival. We know the characteristics we have, and we will try to adjust.”

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As a visitor, however, the numbers are very different and they are the ones that have fueled the dream of promotion. In the absence of a final match away from the archipelago -in Ipurúa next Saturday-, Tenerife can finish as the best away team of the season. At the moment, he already has eleven foreign alegrías, for nine in the Heliodorus. That’s why his thing is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


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