The hidden message in David Bowie’s latest album that his fans discovered

El mensaje oculto en el último disco de David Bowie que sus fans descubrieron

David Bowie.

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David Bowie he left a great musical legacy that continues to be talked about today. His twenty-fifth album, Blackstar It was released on his birthday, January 8, two days before his death. And contrary to what one might think it was not a coincidence, it was a kind of farewell to his fans, leaving you a beautiful message hidden in it.

From the cover you could see that it would be different, because for the first time the singer did not appear on it; it was a black star with a white background. But the most impressive was the vinyl edition of this album which had all black cover, shortly after it was discovered that if the sun hit it, it filled the interior with clusters of bright stars.

A similar effect happened when they were put under ultraviolet light, which revealed a blue hue.

The discovery impressed everyone; the same son of the singer, Duncan jones, he was delighted by the hidden message, “Even now it leaves us surprises,” he shared on his Twitter account. Many wondered if he knew but apparently had no idea.

Shortly thereafter, Bowie’s friend and producer Tony Visconti confirmed that everything was planned and that Blackstar it was done as a parting gift to his fans. “His death was no different than his life, a work of art,” he said.

Despite the fact that the album had this curiosity, the design of the cover was criticized because they said that “it could be done in five minutes”, however the designer came to his defense and assured that its simplicity was misunderstood.

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