The Honda Africa Twin has versatility as its flag | Motorcycles

The Honda Africa Twin has versatility as its flag | Motorcycles

At the end of 2015, Sling returned to the segment of the big style motorcycles trail adventurers, resurrecting its emblematic Africa Twin. At present, with the entry into force of the Euro 5 pollution control standard and in view of the good results achieved, the Japanese brand keep betting big by this model, which faithfully complies with his original argument of “Go anywhere”, motorcycles to go anywhere in English.

To demonstrate the possibilities and versatility of this trail, Honda organized an experience to check these skills on a complete route, both on and off asphalt, including dirt tracks and forest roads.

This potential contributes the advanced electronics of the Africa Twin, that has a modern six-axis inertial platform (IMU) and thanks to it can offer a state-of-the-art electronic display. You can choose between four pre-set driving modes (Tour, Urban, Gravel and Off-Road), plus two other customizable in all available parameters to suit the driver.

There are four levels of power delivery, three for engine braking, seven for traction control intervention, three for anti-wheelie control (with the possibility of disconnecting it) and cruise control. ABS is one of those they can act in curve and allows the disconnection in the rear wheel to drive in the field, in these circumstances the ABS of the front wheel is less intrusive.

Auto switch

If you mount the option of DCT (double clutch automatic transmission), It has an added function G Switch, for use off-road and that is activated through the TFT screen. It offers double clutch operation more in line with the driving that is practiced off the asphalt and the gearshift acts more progressively when the bike is leaning.

Honda Africa Twin 2022.

ANDl propeller, common in all versions, it has also evolved, is more energetic throughout its rev range, more efficient and cleaner (more than Euro 5 compliant). With the conventional six-speed transmission, the fast drive system, that works both ways to raise and lower gears without cutting gas or tightening the clutch and allows the drive hardness to be adjusted, an absolutely recommended option (731.86 euros).

Honda has worked to make a narrower bike, especially in the central part, at the junction between the seat and the fuel tank and light within its category, 226 kg in running order in its most basic version, its starting price is 14,500 euros.

The chassis is still steel, but important points have been revised in terms of rigidity and controlled flexibility. The rear half chassis is now bolted (not welded), allowing replace it more easily In the event of a fall, it is also made of lighter aluminum. The swingarm, made of the same material, is reinforced and their shapes are reminiscent of the CRF 450 R motocross.

On a route through the Alcarria

Get off the asphalt with motorcycles that far exceed 200 kilos and the seat is located at almost a meter from the ground it can be intimidating. There are many users of this type of motorbike, the big road trail, who do not usually use them in that environment, dedicating themselves exclusively to your driving on the road, where it also fulfills more than enough.

However, the Honda Africa Twin, within the great trail is surely the most indicated to enjoy adventures In all types of terrain, you have to dare to do it, with respect to its dimensions, but with determination.

Africa Twin
The Africa Twin comes to surprise by its capacity.

The experience organized by Honda in the province of Guadalajara it was divided into two days, covering many kilometers of slopes, some more rugged roads and even areas of loose dirt and mud. All motorcycles were shod with specific tires for the occasion, with a knobby tread and excellent off-road behavior, which contributed to making more rewarding driving.

And with this intensive use, the Africa Twin 1100 2022 endorsed that it continues with its upward evolution. Highlight its engine, but it has also improved low speed driveability and rolling comfort on any terrain, but above all praise its chameleonic behavior. Thanks to modern electronics it is possible, at the push of a button, to configure the ideal motorcycle that adapts to the personal taste of each user.

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