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MacBook Pro 2021

After a long wait, new MacBook Pro users can finally compare it to the one they used in the past. One of the ways to talk about it is to do it on the forums, including that of our colleagues MacRumors. Thus, readers can form their own opinion in order to decide whether or not to eventually acquire the device.

This is the opportunity to learn a little more about the new features and performance of the MacBook Pro with M1 Pro processor. This one comes in two sizes: 14.2 inches or 16.2 inches. It is possible to order it from Apple or from certain resellers, the second option being preferred to avoid possible delays in delivery.

The new MacBook Pro compared to the previous model

James, a forum reader MacRumors, it is for example harnessed to make an informed comparison between the MacBook Pro of 2021 and the iMac. For him, there is no photo: everything leads to adopt the new machine. Rkuda, another reader from the same site, lingered on the display and finds it a bit more special than older Macs. And for good reason: it has for the first time a notch, dedicated to increasing the available screen surface.

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Regarding the difference in weight between the new MacBook Pro (it is heavier) and the previous one, most testimonials consider that the difference is hardly noticeable ”to the naked eye“. The user GrindedDown even gives a very favorable opinion on the overall size of this Mac.

What to think of ProMotion technology?

The discussions about the weight have certainly not finished to spill the ink, but other readers prefer to dwell on the ProMotion feature which they find quite capricious. However, it offers the possibility of displaying a rate of one hundred and twenty images per second, as some iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max already offer. Convenient for video games or streaming movies.

In Kylo83’s opinion, the mini-LED display is like this “very bad“. Others also believe that they have experienced slowdowns when using the Safari browser. And you, did you receive your MacBook with M1 Pro CPU? What is your opinion on his screen?

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