The incredible physical change of Lele Pons in 60 days

The incredible physical change of Lele Pons in 60 days

Since Lele Pons made the decision to change her lifestyle, the changes have been noticeable. The young influencer turned to new, healthier eating habits and began to exercise; This undoubtedly had an impact not only on her mood but also on her physical state.

In two months, the Venezuelan celebrity underwent a transformation in her admirable body that she shared with her 49 million followers, generating a great impact.

Through a video on Instagram, Guaynaa’s girlfriend shared the process of change in the last 60 days and emphasized the importance of having a healthy life. She also thanked the support of his coach Diana Maux.

“2 months ago vs. now. Thank you Diana Maux for being the best trainer! exercise 6 times a week, strict eating plan, anti-cellulite massage and rest! It’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle!” she wrote Pons.

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