The infinite scroll on Google Mobile, let’s go! Ciao the pagination! What SEO impacts?

The infinite scroll and the Google SERP, it’s a long story (of tests)! This update, tested for many years, will clearly reshuffle the cards in the SEO world: no more “page 1” in search results. From now on, anyone will be able to find themselves on the “first page” of the SERP (although the “real” first places will still be the most contested and strategic). Here are the possible impacts to be expected for site editors, e-merchants, SEO referrers and… Google.

While the various pagination pages of Google search results were only rarely consulted (mainly by the most “reckless” (and the most patient) Internet users), the infinite scroll system just deployed on Google should suddenly change the behavior of Internet users and encourage them, just as we naturally do on an e-commerce site equipped with an infinite scroll system, to consult the search results after the first 10 historical positions

Beyond this hypothesis still too early to be verified, here are other hypotheses of potential impacts to be expected following this update officially announced by Google on October 14, 2021 on its blog.

Infinite scroll on Google, what are we talking about?

For Internet users who are not very comfortable with the term ” scroll“, Here we have to understand“ scrolling ”(mouse).

Previously, each Google search results page (also called a SERP, for Search Engine Ranking Page), displayed the top 10 organic results associated with a search (excluding sponsored links).

From now on, dozens of results will be searchable on the same Google search results page by Internet users (on mobile) during their searches, as long as they “scroll” (scroll down the page) as long as their patience (and stubbornness) allows them …

Infinite scroll on Google Mobile, what impacts for companies, e-business and e-merchants?

The impact may be strong, both positive and negative, depending on your position in the SERP.

Positive, if you are used to investing below position 10.

Negative, if you are used to the TOP 5.

Why ?

Because the user will now have much more choice (and therefore possibilities to disperse and lose his initial focus).

But beware, although this scenario is likely, it is at this stage only an unverified hypothesis.

(We will have to wait at least a few weeks / months to get real insights on the issue).

Infinite scroll on Google, what impacts for SEOs?

The “good news” is that there will no longer be too many differences between a position 11 and a position 9, where, a few weeks ago, we could expect a few clicks and an SEO CTR greater than 0 with a 9 position against 0 visibility with an 11 position sometimes however very difficult to hang on certain competitive requests in finance or high tech in particular.

The “less good news” is precisely for all those who were globally well positioned in TOP 10, there is a significant risk that their SEO click-through rates drop slightly in favor of other search results located lower in the SERP.

Infinite scroll on the SERPs, what impact for Google?

Between us, if Google has put into production this modification that we can describe as “major” of its user interface which remains quite simplistic in itself, there is a good chance that it will be to make the user experience more fluid (and keep Internet users on its engine longer, in order to be able, certainly, to push them more advertisements in the coming weeks every 10 natural results displayed for example).

(Reassure me, you still don’t think Google only thinks about user experience during such updates, do you?)

Here’s what Google (officially) says about this update:

While you can often find what you’re looking for in the first few results, sometimes you want to keep looking. In fact, most people who want additional information tend to crawl up to four pages of search results. With this update, users can now do so transparently, browsing through many different results, before having to click the “See more” button.

For example, for larger, more open-ended questions like “What can I do with pumpkins?” You may want to consider more results and inspiration before deciding how to move forward. Scrolling through a wider range of results can show you tons of options you hadn’t considered, like no-carving pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween, pumpkin seed recipes that make your pumpkin worth your time to be sculpted and more ideas for getting the most out of your gourd.

How to optimize your snippets for the “infinite scroll” update of the Google SERPs?

More than ever, optimizing your snippet will be decisive in trying to capture as many SEO clicks as possible in Google’s infinite SERP.

On the program, I therefore strongly advise you to:

  • Review your Title / Meta Description to think “SXO”: the more they make you want to click, the better;
  • Add, if your content allows, the markup FAQpage;
  • Add, if your content allows it, the markup of recipes, CreativeWork (to have the “yellow stars” displayed), jobs, products…;
  • Add emoticons or special characters to attract the eye and the click (when the SERP allows it);

If you do it well, there is a good chance that you will stand out against the competition.

So… get to work! 😉

The final word

You will have understood it, we will have to forget the argument “I will make you reach page 1 of the search results”, it will soon be “so 2021” …

As always, Google is evolving its user experience and SEOs / web marketers must adapt to find the best way to benefit from it and for the trouble, there, it is rather good news for the Web overall. indexed on google.

And you, behind your screen, what do you think? I am interested in your feedback in the comments.

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